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6 Alcohol Allergy Symptoms You Should Know

Alcohol Allergy Symptoms

Alcohol allergy is a very rare kind of allergy caused due to intolerance of the body to alcohol . Alcohol allergy symptoms show up mainly when our body is unable to digest or break alcohol. Aldehyde dehydrogenase enzyme produced by our digestive system is responsible for breaking alcohol to simpler compound acetic acid however, due to genetic reasons few people do not produce or have low level of aldehyde dehydrogenase due to which body can’t tolerate alcohol.

You may be allergic to different foods on which the drink is based like grapes, apple, orange and berries or alcohol may interfere with the medication you are taking which may be the cause of alcohol allergy. Presence of histamine, yeast and sulphur dioxide are the leading ingredients which trigger the alcohol allergy symptoms in our body. The risk of Alcohol allergy symptoms is higher in men of Asian origin. Majors symptoms which may be caused due to consumption of alcohol are

Alcohol Allergy Symptoms


When your digestive system is unable to simplify alcohol then you may feel discomfort in your stomach which may be accompanied with vomiting. You may show up these symptoms within 2-3 drinks. Due to this there may be a significant drop in your appetite.

Nasal Congestion

Like any other allergic reactions alcohol allergy causes blood cells of nose to dilate causing overproduction of mucus. Due to this you may suffer from runny nose and sneezing. As a result of narrowing of nasal passage you may notice a wheezing sound while breathing.

Hives and Swelling

Alcohol allergy may aggravate hives due to which you may notice red patches along with swelling in different parts of your body. This may also cause itching in certain areas of the skin.

Facial Flushing

Redness and noticeable paleness of the face just after few drinks is a common alcohol allergy symptom. Facial flushing mostly subsides with time when the alcohol is excreted from the system.


You may suffer from temporary headache if you are allergic to alcohol. It can be mild or severe at times. You will loose ability to think or concentrate and remain alert due to which you may not be able to respond to situations promptly.

Asthma Attacks

If you have a asthma problem then the chances of you suffering from asthma attacks after drinking alcohol increases mainly because of the nasal congestion caused due to alcohol allergy.

The easiest way to stop alcohol allergy symptoms is to avoid drinking alcohol. Alcohol itself is a poisonous substance with numerous health problems attached to it. If you are noticing alcohol allergy symptoms then it may be signal of cancer in your body and you must consider going to a doctor for diagnosis of cancer.

Switch to other beverages for relaxing, it never makes sense to take alcohol for getting relaxed and instead suffering from it. Quitting alcohol is the best remedy of alcohol allergy symptoms and you will also reduce the risks of other diseases and health complications in future.

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