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6 Brain Tumor Symptoms In Men You Should Know

Brain Tumor Symptoms In Men

Brain Tumor creates excess pressure on the brain with the increase in size and disrupts the proper functioning of brain. Brain tumor symptoms in men varies with the location of the tumor however, size doesn’t play a very crucial role even a small tumor can cause extreme damage if it is located in a crucial area of the brain. Major cause of brain tumor is continuous exposure to radiations. About 5% cases of brain tumor are found to be hereditary.

If you are having a weak immune system or had cancer earlier then the chances of tumor increases significantly. It can affect any age group however, with the increase in age risk also increases. Common brain tumor symptoms in men are not specific and it is a rare disease due to which it generally takes time to diagnose tumors.

Brain Tumor Symptoms In Men:


Like any other brain related complications brain tumors too cause severe headache. As the size of the tumor increases the ache also goes on increasing. It usually increases in the morning. Frequent headache should not be ignored and you must carefully observe other symptoms accompanying it.

Speech Problem:

If someone is unable to communicate properly because of improper use of words, jumbled up sentences which do not make any sense and using words which do not exists then it may be a signal that the person is having brain tumor.

Improper Coordination:

Person may face difficulty in making coordination and walking properly due to presence of tumor in the hind brain. You may feel weakness in few parts due to which you may act clumsy. Loosing balance or inability to walk straight are major symptoms of brain tumor.

Vision defects:

When the tumor is present in the occipital lobe then it may hamper our vision. You will see blurred objects, double objects and frequent flashes. You may not see clearly even after using spectacles. In many cases loss of vision has also been observed.

Mood Changes:

Change in personality, mood swings, loosing interest, problem in focusing on a task and being irritated easily are few brain tumor symptoms in men. It means that the tumor is present in the frontal lobe which is responsible for controlling emotions.


One of the major brain tumor symptoms in men, during fits the body starts trembling rapidly and can cause unconsciousness as well. Person stares at one particular direction continuously during seizures.

Other brain tumor symptoms in men:

  • Loss of memory
  • Numbness or tingling in the arms
  • Vomiting
  • Neck Stiffness
  • Dizziness
  • High blood pressure
  • Loss of control of bladders
  • Sickness

If you notice any brain tumor symptoms in men then you should immediately visit a doctor. Doctors generally take help of CT and MRI scan to check for tumors and exact location in the brain. Treatment of tumor can vary with the location and size of the tumor.

The best way to treat tumor is surgery in which the tumor is taken out from the brain. Radiation therapy too is very effective in reducing the size of tumor and finally treating it completely. Combining chemotherapy with other treatment techniques can help in faster treatment and recovery of the patient.

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