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6 Signs Of Ear Infection You Should Know

Signs Of Ear Infection

Ear infection is mostly a bacterial or viral infection which affects the middle ear, that is the part which is present behind the eardrum and tiny vibrating bones of the ear are present in this part. Due to cold a tube connecting the ear and throat swells up due to which  fluid is trapped inside the ear because air does not reach the middle ear which creates a vacuum and it pulls fluids from nose.

This is the best condition for bacterias and viruses due to which the chances of ear infection increases when you catch cold. Ear infection is more common in children because their tubes are very narrow and can easily get blocked due to infection. Infection can also occur in the inner, generally caused due to viruses and outer ear caused due to bacterias and fungus.

There are two small tissue pads at the opening of the ear tubes called adenoids, enlargement of adenoids can also lead to blockage of the tissues. The  onset of signs of ear infection is usually very fast and condition can worsen very quickly within few days. There are various complications related to ear infection so it is important to identify the signs of ear infection as early as possible. Major signs of ear infection are listed below.

Signs Of Ear Infection

Ear Pain

It is one of the first signs of ear pain. It generally starts as a mild pain but increases considerably within few days. The fluid trapped inside the tube causes swelling which leads to intense pain.

Ear Fullness

If you are having ear infection then you will have a feeling of blockage in the ear, as if something is stuck inside the ear. If your child is constantly pulling his ears or rubbing it then must get his ears checked for infection.

Hearing Loss

The blockage in the ear due to inflammation of the tube causes difficulty in listening, also the fluids trapped inside the ears makes it difficult to hear. Infections causes temporary hearing loss and it becomes normal once the infection is treated.

Loss Of Balance

Liquid in the ear play a major role in the maintaining balance of a person.  A person suffering from ear infection finds it difficult to maintain his balance. Loss of balance is mostly caused when infection affects the inner ear.


Ear infections can lead to rupture of the eardrum causing discharge of blood and puss from the ear. It is more common in people who are having recurring infections. The ruptured eardrum generally heals itself within few weeks.

Loss Of Appetite

Ear Infection can also lead to loss of appetite. If you are suffering from nausea and vomiting along with ear pain then you should talk to an ENT specialist as it may a sign of ear infection.

Ear infection can be diagnosed by physical check of the ear and reviewing the signs of ear infection. There are several diagnostic tests for ear infection like tympanometry which checks the condition of the ear drum and acoustic reflectometry. Antibiotic treatment is very effective in curing infections by killing the bacterias. You can reduce the pain by using warm compresses and pain killers like tylenol and ibuprofen, you can also take aspirin. People having recurring ear infections should have regular tests.

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