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6 Tips to Remove Brown Spots On Skin

Brown Spots On Skin

Brown spots on skin are a normal phenomenon and mostly do not indicate any major problem.  This is generally caused excess exposure to ultraviolet radiations present in the sunlight. Skin contains a pigment called melanin which is responsible for the complexion of a person. When too much much melanin is produced in a particular area then brown spots appear on the skin.

Brown spots on skin are also known as sunspots, skin discoloration, hyper pigmentation and freckles. In few cases these brown spots can become very itchy and it can be alarming condition. Brown spots can be of various types , those caused due to aging are irregular, few are flat, some of them can have patchy appearance. It mostly appears on the face, oily parts like chest and upper back and even on ankles and wrists.

Brown spots mostly appear due to exposure to sunlight and aging but you should not ignore it as it can also be caused due infection or disease. Genetics and  hormones also play a major role in the appearance of the brown spots on the skin. There are several ways by which you can treat brown spots caused due to exposure to sunlight and aging. Few of the most effective ones are listed below

Techniques To Remove Brown Spots On Skin

Try Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is one of the latest technologies used for removing brown spots. Radiations are directed on the brown spots. The top layer of the skin is removed by the radiations and the heat triggers the growth of new skin. It works better for light colored people as in case of dark colored people light may activate underlying melanin which will worsen the condition.

Chemical Peels

You can opt for chemical peels, chemical peels containing glycolic acid helps in fading the brown spots. This is a very expensive and can cause many side effects like itching and swelling on the skin if not applied perfectly. It is better to consult your doctor before using chemical peels and should be done by a professional.

Lemon Juice

It is the most inexpensive and safest way to reduce the dark spots. Lemon juice contains citrus acid which acts as a natural mild bleach. Extract few drops of lemon juice and apply on the affected area, it works best if applied just after the spots start appearing.

Fading Solutions

There are many fading solution available in the market which are very effective in reducing the brown spots. Kojic acid,  azelaic acid and tretinoin have shown favorable and fast results in many cases. You can also apply fade creams containing hydroquinone .

Use Sunscreens

Make sure that you always apply sunscreens creams before going in sunlight. It not only prevents further damage to the skin but also protects your skin from acid based makeups. Harmful acids can make the skin more sensitive as a result dark pigments appear on the skin.


In microdermabrasion tiny crystals scrub the upper surface of the skin thus reducing the brown spots. This is one of the most expensive treatments for removing brown spots but it is very effective. It should only be done by an experienced dermatologist.

It is possible that none of the above techniques give satisfactory results in that case you may have to undergo surgery. In electrosurgery a particular part is burned while curettage the upper layer is scrapped off. Brown spots on skin can be sign of skin cancer called melanoma. It should be diagnosed in early stages and treated to avoid further complications. Closely monitor the changes in your skin and contact a physician immediately if you notice itching or brown spots on the skin.

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