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6 Yellow Fever Symptoms You Should Know

Yellow Fever Symptoms

Yellow fever is caused due to a certain virus called flavivirus which is carried by the Aedes mosquito. The Yellow Free Symptoms requires five-six days to show significant changes after the first contact with the virus. The risk to yellow fever increases if you live in a rural area and Aedes mosquitoes are present in the locality. The Yellow Fever Symptoms occur in two stages which are acute stage and the second is Toxic stage. It can be diagnosed by proper Blood Test of the person.

Yellow Fever Symptoms:

Yellowing Of The Skin:

It is the characteristic Yellow Fever Symptom. The eyes turn white and skin color changes to yellow. The patient suffers from jaundice. The name of the disease is due to this particular symptom. It is caused due to damage in the liver.


The body temperature rises due to the virus. It is one of the initial symptoms of Yellow Fever. You must have a blood test if you have fever after a few days of visiting a forest.

Nausea and Vomiting:

The patient feels pain in the stomach and frequent urge to vomit. Patient loses lots of energy and feels very weak because of frequent vomiting. Weakness is also one of the prominent symptoms of yellow Fever. At later stages vomiting of blood is also observed in the patients suffering from the disease.

Loss Of Appetite:

The urge to eat food decreases because of nausea. Patient suffers from weakness because he is not taking ample amount of food to meet his body requirements. This is one of the acute symptoms of Yellow Fever.


Blood in the faeces along with Internal bleeding from the organs and nose, eyes, and mouth are the Toxic stage symptom which means the disease is in a stage when it can be life threatening.


Inflammation of liver due to which it cannot function properly. Along with it patient suffers from multiple organ failure which eventually leads to death of the patient.

There is no proper causative cure for Yellow Fever. The Symptoms of Yellow Fever can worsen rapidly due to which intensive care must be provided once the disease is detected. Acute treatment may not be very useful and once the symptoms are in Toxic stage because of multiple organ failure the chances of survival are very less. The best way is prevention.

Proper vaccination is highly recommended those who live in rural areas and those who are planning for trekking. Governments should organize general awareness and mass vaccination programs from time to time which will significantly reduce number of people affected.

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