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Abortion Facts And Statistics

Abortion Facts And Statistics

Abortion has always been a major issue of discussion in our society. The effects of abortion are innumerable on the woman, both physically and psychologically. Several health organizations all over world release abortion facts and statistics every year. These stats helps us understand its effects, how safe it is, who generally go for it and what  are the reasons for abortion.

There are many reasons why a woman chooses for abortion , it can be due to financial condition, unstable relationship or being single or medical reasons. Below are a few abortion related facts.

Abortion Facts And Statistics

  • 50% of women are below 25 years and teenagers account for 17%. Total percentage of women who were between the age group of 25-30 are 21%.
  • About 50% of women who go for abortion have had abortion once before.
  • Stats show that about half of them want to do abortion because they don’t want to be a single parent or have unstable relationship and ¾ of them think it will interfere with their professional life or other responsibilities while other 35% of them can’t afford to have a baby.
  • 36% of women are white, 25% are hispanic, 30% are black and other races account for 9% of total women having abortion.
  • 72% of women are single, 17 % are married while 15.6% of women who have abortion are either separated, divorced or widowed.
  • 54% of women used contraceptive methods on the month they become pregnant. 76% were pill users and 49% were condom users got pregnant accidentally. 8% of women had never used any birth control method.
  • 84% of abortions were were performed by curettage which include dilation and evacuation.
  • 40% of minor having an abortion did not report it to their parents.
  • 90% of all abortions were done on women who were under 13 weeks into pregnancy and 73% were under 10 weeks into their pregnancy.
  • There are several side effects of abortion and can lead to major damage to cervix and womb. In about 1% cases women had problems related to cervix and in 0.04% cases it affected the womb. There is a 0.01% chance of haemorrhaging due to abortion.
  • 13% of maternal death are caused as a result of unsafe abortion.

By going through the abortion facts and statistics you must have got a rough idea about different aspects of abortion. You should act responsibly before taking any major decision related to abortion as there are many unwanted consequences of abortion, if possible avoid it and always use birth control methods during sex to stay away from complications related to abortion.

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