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Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder

Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder

Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder is a psychological state in which the individual has anxiety about being separated from the people who are close to him. In children these people are generally their parents while in adults most often it is spouse or a friend. About 4% children and 7% adults suffer from Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder. ASAD is a relatively new term in the medical field, coined in the late 90s.

You must be interested in knowing what causes Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder.

The major cause of ASAD is the loss of a close person in case of both adult and children.

Kids whose parents excessively worry about their children tend to suffer from ASAD.

The social and economical condition of a person too determines the chances of a person suffering from ASAD. If you live in a crime prone area then it is very obvious that you may worry about being separated from your loved ones more often.

Symptoms Of Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder

  • People suffering from ASAD cannot stay alone for long duration. They will feel anxious if left alone. They won’t be able to sleep at night alone.
  • You are consistently worried and imagine that something awful is going to happen to your loved ones. You may dream at night about incidents harming your dear ones.
  • People are fearful from being left alone. The heart beat increases, breathing rate increases and you will excessively sweat even if left alone for a small time.
  • Severe Headache is a one of the common Symptoms of Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder. You may also suffer from dizziness. The room may feel like spinning around you.
  • People suffering from ASAD cannot take independent decisions. They may not feel comfortable going out to new places alone and also have a feeling that they can’t complete any job without the help of the person.
  • You get anxious and feel that you are left alone and no one wants to stay with you or cares about you. You may start crying because of the increasing stress.
  • Your face fades off due to constant stress. Feeling of tightness in the chest too has been observed in many cases of ASAD.
  • Children suffering from ASAD stick around their parents and do not leave them. They follow their parents wherever they go and refuse to go anywhere without their parents.

Treatments Of Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder

Psychotherapy plays a very important role in treating Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder.

You must take help of a psychiatrist who can help you reduce the stress by proper counseling. The patient can discuss about his worries with the psychiatrist which makes him feel better.

Behavioral therapy mainly focuses on ways by which patients can control their anxiety to separation and they are taught techniques to calm themselves when the stress level increases. Antidepressant are also very useful at times. If your child is suffering from ASAD then you must also talk to a counselor so that you can understand what is it that makes your child worry and why does he fear from being alone. You must take extra care of your child suffering from ASAD. Avoid leaving them alone and always try to motivate them by talking with them.

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