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Against Abortion Facts And Statistics

Against Abortion Facts

People have very strong opinions on abortion, few believe that it should be totally on the mother’s discretion whether she wants to keep the baby or not while other have a opinion that once a life has started, it should not be killed because it was not his fault then why should he be killed.

There are numerous side effects of abortion which can even lead to miscarriage in future when the woman wants to give birth to child. Many young women go for at home abortion which can go wrong if not done properly or if overdose has been taken, lack of proper supervision is a major problem when abortion is done by the woman herself. Another reason due to which many people oppose abortion is the fact that about 60% woman who are getting their child aborted are very young and do not have much experience in their life. She panics and take such a major decision putting her health into risk without thinking about the overall consequences of abortion.

The psychological effects of abortion are far reaching, she may feel relaxed just after the abortion but after a few days many women feel guilty and depressed. Here are a few against abortion facts which have been gathered after several health researches and surveys all over the world.

  • It has been observed that almost 40% of all US pregnancies end up in abortion and almost 85% of mothers did this only because they did not want any child and only 10% of all abortions are done due to medical reasons when either the mother’s life may be in danger during child birth or a birth defect has been diagnosed in the child.
  • Studies show that women who have abortion experience a 30% increase in the mental health disorder. Most common problem is related to long term depression. Psychological problems is much more common than physical problem.
  • In the underdeveloped and developing countries almost 45% of abortion are done illegally in unhygienic conditions without any proper equipments.
  • In Africa more than 97% of abortions are unsafe. Almost all abortion related deaths occur in developing countries.
  • A woman who has aborted a child is two times more prone to several cancers like cervical cancer, breast cancer and uterine cancer and those who are having abortion for the second time are three times more prone to cancers.
  • Annually about 40 million babies die all over the world which means that that every hour about 30 babies are being aborted and the rate is increasing with time.
  • According to estimations about 43% of all women would have aborted at least once.
  • Nearly half of the pregnancies in US are unintended and 70% of them said they were using condoms or contraceptive pills.

Abortion is illegal after 24 weeks in most countries and becomes very risky and the chances of complications are much higher in the later stages. Keep in mind the above mentioned against abortion facts before going for abortion, you are ultimately killing a child by doing such an act and also putting yourself into risk. It is better to take precautions.

Always use contraceptives while doing sex and take pills if you had unprotected sex. If you do not want the baby then donate it to couples who are not having their own child. By doing this you are not only avoiding abortion complications but most importantly you are saving a life and helping other couples.

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