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6 Aortic Dissection Symptoms You Should Know

Aortic Dissection Symptoms

Aortic dissection is a very serious condition which is caused as a result of tear in the inner wall of the aorta causing the blood to flow between  the layers of the aorta. Aortic dissection symptoms are extremely dangerous and fatal . The major cause of aorta dissection is the weakening and  chronic hypertension. More than half of the patients of aortic dissection were suffering from hypertension. It is also caused due to narrowing of arteries or narrow aorta which is generally a birth defect. It is a very rare condition generally affecting the age group of  65 and above.

Men are more vulnerable to aorta dissection than women. Lets see major symptoms of  aortic dissection symptoms which if noticed and diagnosed in time can be very vital in saving a person’s life.

Aortic Dissection Symptoms

Severe Chest Pain

You will feel excruciating chest pain, a pain which you had never felt before. The pain generally starts from the chest and then spreads till the neck and through the back.

Loss Of Consciousness

Patients generally loose consciousness mainly because of the hypertension and the severe pain. Also the heart stops working properly due to which it becomes impossible to remain conscious during this period.

Breathing Problem

Your breathing rate will increase rapidly and you may also suffer from shortness of breath. You may feel like suffocated causing difficulty in breathing.


The patient starts sweating profusely which is  caused due to the suffocation and hypertension. You will also feel weakness and dizziness.


Similar to heart attacks, patients having aortic dissection too may suffer from paralysis. In most cases paralysis affects only one side of the body and that part becomes useless, person has no control on that portion of the body.

Sensory Organs Stop Working

You will neither be able to see nor be able to talk due to aortic dissection. You won’t be able to communicate with others.

Aortic dissection symptoms can be very confusing because its symptoms are very similar to heart attacks or strokes. Correct diagnosis is very important because it can cause permanent damage to organs like kidney and can even lead to the permanent paralysis. If the internal bleeding is not stopped in time the person may die within few hours. Doctors take help of CT scan, MRA and TEE to check for the dissection in the aorta. Surgery is the most effective option to treat aorta dissection in which the aorta is reconstructed and blood is blocked from entering aorta walls.

Medications are useful to reduce the pressure on aorta walls by lowering the blood pressure. You can reduce the risk of aorta dissection by controlling hypertension, avoiding smoking and having a healthy lifestyle.

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