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Asthma Symptoms In Adults

Asthma Symptoms In Adults

Asthma is a respiratory disease caused due to the inflammation of the air passage as a result of which you may have difficulty in breathing. Asthma symptoms in adults are increasing day after day considering the increase in pollution and different occupations which trigger asthma in adults. Asthma risks increases with increase in pollutants, smoking, obesity and even genetic factors.

Asthma can also be caused due to side effect of certain medications. Chances of asthma increases if you are allergic to certain substances. In asthma air passage swells up because of the dirts and allergens due to this you won’t be able to breathe properly. Excess production of mucus can cause frequent coughing.  Women are more prone to asthma and the symptoms may show up from an early age of 20 years. Major Asthma symptoms In Adults include

Asthma Symptoms in Adults


You can hear a mild whistling sound when the person is inhaling or exhaling. Main cause of wheezing is the narrowing of the airways and when air is forced through these narrow airways then the whistling sound is produced.


If you are suffering from chronic cough then you must consult doctor to test for asthma. Since extra mucus is produced due to inflammation of the air passage, body tries to expel it by coughing frequently.

Shortness of Breath:

It refers to the difficulty in breathing due to which the breathing rate increases along with shortness of breath, patient feels suffocated and tired because of inability to breath properly.

Chest Pain:

You may feel continuous pain in your chest because of problem in proper flow of air from the lungs due to the blockage caused by the inflammation and mucus in the airways. You will feel tightness in your chest initially which will increase to severe pain at later stages.


People suffering from asthma generally sweat more than normal person. The sweating increases mainly during an asthma attack.

Dry Throat:

Due to frequent cough and presence of mucus in the throat you may feel dry throat which can be very itchy at times.

Increased Heartbeat:

If you are noticing that the heartbeat is increasing at a rapid rate then it may be a signal of a possible asthma attack. Take immediate help from the doctor if you are suspecting asthma attack.

Other asthma symptoms in adults are

  • Color change of fingertips
  • Panic
  • Difficulty in talking
  • Pale Face

Asthma Symptoms in adults can be controlled but asthma can’t be cured. It is a lifelong problem but you can live a normal life by taking few precautionary measures which help in preventing asthma attacks and curb the symptoms.

The most effective medicine to control the symptoms is anti-inflammatory drugs, as inhalers which reduce the swelling of the airways. Due to this the airways become clear and you can breathe properly. Bronchodilators relax the muscles which tighten around the airways. You should quit smoking if you are suffering from asthma and always take precautions to avoid allergens while going out.

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