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Blood Test For Cancer

Blood Test For Cancer

Cancer is one of the most fatal diseases and it is the second largest cause of death in US. Early diagnosis of cancer plays a very vital role in successful treatment. As the stages of cancer progresses the complications increases and it becomes much more difficult to treat the person. Cancer spreads to different parts of the body rapidly thus can affect the proper functioning of major organs. There are various diagnostic tests available for cancer and with advancement in technology cancer screening and treatment has improved tremendously in recent years. It is very important that you verify the diagnosis by doing several tests.

Blood test is one of the most important test for the diagnosis of  the cancer however, you can’t rely only on blood test for correct diagnosis of the cancer. Other laboratory  tests like biopsy of the suspected region, urine tests along with screening tests like PET test and CAT scan  to locate the cancer cells and to what extent they have spread in the body also are very vital diagnostic tests. Here are a few blood test for cancer which a doctor may use to diagnose cancer.

Blood Test For Cancer

Biological Terraine Assessment (BTA)

In this test the amount of electrons present, pH level and the mineral levels in the blood are assessed to check for the presence of cancer. Any abnormality in the levels indicate the presence of cancer cells in the body.

Blood Protein Test

This test is done to measure the various proteins in the blood. Doctor is able to detect abnormal immune system proteins that is immunoglobulin. The increased level of immunoglobulin is caused due to multiple myeloma.

Tumor Marker Test

Tumor marker test is used to detect the presence of tumor cells in the blood. However, tumor cells can also be present in noncancerous cases so it is important that you also undergo other tests to crosscheck the results.

Complete Blood Count(CBC)

Complete blood count test is used to test for blood cancer like lymphoma and leukemia. It gives the detailed information about the three types of blood cells, WBC, RBC and platelets.

The normal WBC count should be between 3300 to 8700 WBCs per microlitre. The function of WBC is to provide protection to the body from infections and diseases.

Platelet helps in clotting of the blood during injury. The platelet count should be between 150,000 to 350,000 platelets per mcl.

RBC carries oxygen to different part of the body and the normal range of RBC is approximately 4 to 6 million RBCs per mcl.

Blood test for cancer should be interpreted  properly by the doctor, it is very important for the diagnosis of cancer. You should know that many noncancerous conditions can give similar test results therefore doctors should  do various other tests to verify the results. Doctor should talk to the patient about the result and make him aware about the current situation, treatment options and the chances of success in treatment.

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