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Brain Cancer Survival Rate

Brain Cancer Survival Rate

The brain cancer survival rate indicates the percentage of people suffering from certain type of cancer who can survive for a specific period of time after their diagnosis. This is approximated for a period of 5 years in which the percentage of people suffering from brain cancer is surveyed who are alive for five years after their diagnosis.

Brain cancer is resulted due to cancers of the brain tissues. The Brain cancer is generated due to swelling of the glioma, which is one of the brain substance. Brain cancer is categorized as primary brain cancer and secondary brain cancer.

According to the National Cancer Institute, about 22,000 people were diagnosed with brain cancer in the year 2010. Brain cancer can either originate inside the brain or ca spread from other parts of the body to the brain. This cancers are the most difficult treatments and require very expensive treatments to overcome the disease. The life expectancy is about 5 to 6 years for the person who has undergone diagnosis with brain cancer. Brain cancer prognosis is the medical opinion made by the doctor about the patient about the course and outcome of the disease. These predictions made by the doctors are made on some of the factors and there is no certainty of the prognosis made.

Some of the factors are size of the tumor, location of the affected part by cancer and other treatments undergone during their treatment.

Five year survival rate is the tool used for forming the prognosis for five year suvival rate. Chemotherapy is usually used in the treatment of the brain cancer.

Some of the factors influencing brain cancer survival will depend on:-

1)Patient’s general health

2)The type of brain cancer

3)The type and location of the brain cancer

4)The brain cancer stage

5)The brain cancer grade

Unfortunately, in some of the cases, brain cancer illness returns after a period of time.
This recurrence of the brain cancer occurs due to the fact that some of the cancer cells are left behind. These left out infected cells may multiply in numbers in future and can cause the recurrence of the brain cancer.

The overall brain cancer survival rate for 2001-2010 was approximated to be about 38 percent. Many survivors of the brain cancer experience many problems as impaired learning and memory loss. Angiogenesis has the implications to treat the the brain cancer. The proteins that produce or promote angiogenesis serves as targets for the therapy of the brain cancer.

The five year brain cancer survival rates by race and sex surveyed were as follows:32.1 percent for Caucasian men;33.5 % for the  Caucasian women; 37.7 % for African-American men; and 37.5 % for African -American women. The people suffering from brain cancer has a reduced life expectancy and the treatments made to fight against the disease is quite expensive. With the advance growth in the medical technology the brain cancer survival rate has been increased to a considerable rate.

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