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Breast Reduction Before And After

Breast Reduction Before And After

Breast reduction is common surgical and medical procedure performed by a certified plastic surgeon where women get the extra fats and tissues removed to reduce the breast size to make it more even . Breast reduction before and after is a safe and effective procedure to achieve ideal breast size and shape for better physical appearance. Women under go breast reduction the procedure for various medical as well as personal reasons, some of which are as follows:

Breast Reduction Before And After

Breathing Problem

Women with larger breasts tend to develop breathing problems due to the excessive weight on the chest cavity. The weight causes women to slouch which leads to deformed spinal cord which can be dangerous given the fact that the process is irreversible.

Back Pain

Back pain and lower back pain is a common condition associated with women having large breast. The pain is caused due to the excessive weight being carried on the chest. Breast reduction surgery gives a sense of comfort.


Large breast can limit a woman’s capability of performing daily chores or activities like running,climbing etc, even simple task such as walking can prove troublesome.

Enhance Physical Appearance

Some women get breast reduction to enhance their physical appearance and confidence.  Women having disproportionate breast size also undergo the surgery to attain symmetrical breast.

Many women under the procedure as it is the only way to reclaim their quality of life or getting rid of the chronic discomfort.

The procedure begins with the surgeon discussing the changes that will be made. A complete check up will be performed after referring to your medical records. The surgeon will perform a mammogram, a breast x-ray. After making a record of your allergies and medications the surgeon will begin the procedure.

The procedure is performed with general anesthesia and it usually takes 1-2 hours depending on the patient and the extent of surgery. The patient is normally discharged as soon as the anesthesia wears off  which should be within 3-4 hrs after surgery.

Patients are mostly happy with the outcome of the operation, but there can be complications and side effects which are rare. Side effects may include

Sore Nipple

The nipples might become sore,sensitive and painful to touch. Small sores may also develop around the nipples after that can be easily treated with antibiotic creams.


The patient might experience numbness and loss of sensation in the nipples and breast skin. It the numbness generally reduces after a few days to a week after the procedure.


Scars are common after the surgery has been performed. They look like stretch marks red and lumpy which gradually reduces overtime. A anti marks cream can be used for better results.

Other side effects include bleeding or pus oozing where the incision was made due to infection. Limited arm or shoulder movement or stiffness in the arms,deflation or fever. The surgeon must me contacted immediately as the condition could worsen. It can be helpful to stay in contact with the surgeon as breast reduction before and after could be risky.

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