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Breasts Cancer Symptoms And Signs

Breasts Cancer Symptoms And Signs

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in which cancerous cells start multiplying and accumulating in the breast. There are no breasts cancer symptoms and signs in early stage and in most cases breasts cancer is diagnosed during regular check up even before the below mentioned breasts cancer symptoms and signs appears.

There are several types of breasts cancer and around 80% of breasts cancer is ductal cancer in which cancer starts in the milk ducts. About 1% cases of breast cancer are found in men. The risk of breasts cancer increases with age and most it generally occurs in women over 35 years.

There are several risk factors of breasts cancer. Heredity is one of them. About 20% patients had a relative who too was suffering breasts cancer.  If you are already having breasts cancer then chances are there that the other one will also get affected. Hormonal imbalances play an important role in development of breasts cancer. Taking estrogen and progesterone or contraceptives increases the chances of breasts cancer.

Women who had periods in early age or if menopause was delayed to about 55years may suffer from the cancer. People who are overweight or if they are exposed to high radiation then they have greater risk of developing breasts cancer.

Breasts Cancer Symptoms and Signs:


You may feel small lumps in your breasts. These lumps are mostly non cancerous which means they do not expand. It is one of the initial breasts cancer symptoms and signs.

Nipple Discharge:

Nipple discharge is a common symptom of breasts cancer however, it can also be caused due to other health problems. If you notice blood in the discharge then you should immediately contact a doctor.


There are several changes in the appearance of the breasts. You may notice dimpling in the breasts. Most likely you may also notice swelling in a part of the breast or abnormal change in size of breast.

Nipple Inversion:

If a person notices nipple inversion then she may be suffering from breasts cancer, although nipple inversion is normal in many women and is not caused due to any disease.


Person suffering from breast cancer regularly complains of pain particularly in the breast. The pain may become unbearable sometimes and may require immediate medical support. She may also feel pain in her nipples.

Changes in Skin:

Skin color of breast may appear red and the person can feel change in the texture of the skin. Scaling and flaking of the breast skin can also be observed by the affected woman.

Diagnosis of Breast Cancer:

You should remain very attentive and check for any signs of breasts cancer regularly by feeling and observing your breast carefully and if you find any of the breasts cancer symptoms and signs then you should immediately get checked for breast cancer. A doctor will firstly try to feel lumps in your breasts then he may use mammography and biopsy to diagnose breast cancer. Ultrasound, CT scan and MRI scan are also very useful in the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Treatment:

Breast cancer can be treated by performing surgery in which doctor may have to remove the breast or only the tumor. He can also use Hormonal therapy, radiation therapy and chemotherapy to kill the cancerous cells and stop them from multiplying. Chemotherapy uses chemicals to destroy the cancer cells and also reduces the chances of breast cancer in future. Hormonal therapy is used in cancer caused due to hormonal problems, it helps to shrink and reduce the risk of recurrence of breast cancer after the surgery.

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