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Can Allergies Cause a Fever?

Can Allergies Cause a Fever?

Many people have a common query that Can Allergies Cause a Fever? This doubt arises because of the fact that when a person is exposed to the allergens then there are various chain reactions occurring in our body which is followed by an increase in the temperature of the body. We can easily conclude that allergies do cause fever. If you are more sensitive to pollens then you may have greater chances of suffering from fever.

The most common fever caused due to allergy is hay fever. 2 out of every 10 people suffer from hay fever every year. People suffer from hay fever when they inhale pollens of hay tree. Fever is a secondary response to exposure to allergens. Fever caused due to allergy can last for many weeks while the fever due to virus or other factors can subside within few days.

Let us understand how allergens cause fever. When the allergens enter our body the immune system of our body is triggered to produce antibodies in response to it. When the allergen and antibodies meet then the mast cells produce histamine as a result of which our bodies show allergic symptoms. Our body’s defense system causes the internal heat to rise to kill the allergens. This causes fever in our body.

Symptoms of Fever Due to Allergy:

Runny Nose

When pollens enter our nasal passage and sticks to it then as a result of increased histamine we may suffer from runny nose.


Inflammation of sinus along with reddening of the nose is a common symptom. Histamine causes the swelling to prevent the allergen from entering into the body.


In an effort to throw out the allergen from the body our defense system triggers sneezing by producing histamines. Sneezing cause due to allergy can last for many days.

Eye Problem

If the pollens enter your eyes then you may face complications like irritation in the eye and watery eyes. They may also suffer from reddening of eye.


Due to increased fever and constant sneezing and coughing our body comes under lots of stress. This may lead to severe headache which may subside frequently but again comes back.

Treatment for Fever Caused by Allergy:

Once you know the answer to Can Allergies Cause a Fever? It becomes more important to avoid the allergens and treat the allergy symptoms. The best thing you can do is avoid the allergens by taking measures like closing windows and doors during pollination period and covering the body parts through which allergens can enter our body. You can also reduce the severity of symptoms by taking antihistamines. Also you can build immunity to the allergen by therapy in which you are exposed to limited allergens regularly and after the therapy body does not respond to the allergens at all.

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