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Causes Of Constant Cough

Constant Cough

Cough can be caused due to several reasons and can be very irritating when it persists for several days. In most cases cough generally reduces within three weeks. A cough generally occurs due to any illness and when you come in contact with any irritant or allergic substance.

Cough is a reflex action to expel allergens or pollutants from the body. It can be broadly categorized as dry cough and wet cough. Having a dry cough can be more harmful because it injure the throat due to lack of mucus and it is much more painful. Occasional cough is normal and it only helps in clearing foreign substances and preventing infections.

A constant cough can be identified as any cough which continues for more than 2 months. The causes of constant cough are more severe in comparison to regular cough which is mostly caused due to flu, fever or sinusitis. Major causes of constant cough are listed below

Causes Of Constant Cough


Asthma is a chronic disease and one of the major problem during flare ups is cough. The person suffers from recurring cough mostly triggered by seasonal changes or allergens.


In case you have infection in the upper respiratory tract then you will most probably suffer from constant cough. Even after other symptoms of infections, flu or any other illness has gone away then there are chances that you will continue to have cough due to the infection.


Most of the drugs are having one or the other side effects. Many drugs can lead to constant cough, especially those prescribed for blood pressure or heart diseases.


Smoking damages the respiratory tract permanently leading to constant dry cough which can be quiet painful and irritating. Women are at higher risk of suffering from constant cough due to smoking then men because they are more sensitive to coughing reflex.


In Gastroesophageal reflux disease the stomach acids and at times the contents flow back into the esophagus from the stomach due to improper functioning of a muscle which stops it. The regular irritation can lead to chronic cough.

There are several other causes of constant cough like lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, post nasal drip, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease(COPD) and even asbestosis. Having a constant cough can be very exhausting as lots of energy gets wasted in coughing so frequently, especially when it disrupts your sleep and you are unable to take proper rest. It can be very annoying and can severely affect your daily activities.

Moreover chronic cough can also cause severe headache, excessive sweating and dizziness. You must take medical help as early as possible if any remedy or over the counter medicines or syrups are not able to stop it permanently.

A complete check up should be done to diagnose the main cause of constant cough. Doctors mostly take help of tests like mucus test, asthma test, sputum test and imaging tests like CT scans and chest X rays to find the extent of damage and correct diagnosis. Scope tests is widely used to accurately check each part of the respiratory system in which a small camera is inserted in the tract through the nostril.

The type and duration of treatment varies greatly depending on the cause of the constant cough. In most cases treatment is done using antibiotics, antihistamines and cough suppressants. The root cause of the problem should be treated completely otherwise cough may recur after some time. If you are a smoker and started coughing recently then stop smoking immediately otherwise you may suffer from irreversible damages and can even lead to lung cancer.

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