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Causes of Cramps Before Periods

Cramps Before Periods

Cramps before periods in a normal occurrence in many ladies, mostly the cramps start 2 days prior to the periods. Many women have cramps before periods in every menstrual cycle while few may occasionally suffer from the cramps before periods after several cycles. The pain varies from person to person, mostly the pain is bearable however, few may have problem going to work due to the excessive pain.

Cramps may be caused due to various reasons, it can be normal if it is caused due to uterine contraction but in few cases any other disease or complications can also make you suffer from cramps before period. Cramps related to periods are sensed in the abdominal region. Many women may suffer from cramps a week before period and it may continue even after the periods which may be a symptom of any disease. You would surely be interested in knowing why you are suffering from cramps before periods? Let’s see major causes of which may lead to cramps

Causes of Cramps Before Periods


Several researches and surveys show that many women have started experiencing cramps before period after regularly taking birth control pills however, women also have reported of suffering from milder cramps during the period. It depends on person to person how her body responses to the pills.

Uterine Fibroid:

Uterine fibroid is a disease in which small benign growths called fibroid form on the walls of uterus. If you have recently started suffering from cramps before periods then you may be suffering from the uterine fibroid and you must go to a doctor to know whether you are having any serious disease or not.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease:

Pelvic inflammatory disease can cause scars in the fallopian tube, uterus and ovaries. It is caused due to bacterial infection which affects the entire reproductive system. Sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea and chlamydia may lead to pelvic inflammatory diseases due to which you may suffer from cramps before periods.


In normal situation endometrial glands grow only in the uterine cavity and after each menstrual cycle they fall off. But in a person suffering from endometriosis the cells start growing in surrounding areas like bladder, bowel and rectum and these cells remain there and after every cycle the layer thickens due to which you may suffer from cramps for a prolonged period and even have cramps after period.

If you are unable to handle the pain then you may take pain relievers, also regular exercise and healthy diet can help you reduce the cramps. You can also try relaxing your abdominal muscles either by having a hot water bath, use hot compresses or a proper abdominal and back massage. However, these are only temporary solutions, you should go to the doctor if you are experiencing cramps before period from past few months and unable to figure out the reason. A delay in diagnosis of possible disease may increase the complications.

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