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Causes Of Menstrual Blood Clots

Menstrual Blood Clots

Most of the women have a common concern due to the changing color, thickness or prolonged menstrual bleeding. Many of them get worried when they notice menstrual blood clots. Blood clots are formed when the blood hardens due to the formation of clumps. In most of the cases menstrual blood clots are perfectly normal, and it does not mean you are suffering from any diseases or infections.

Blood clots occurs in women who have heavy menstrual bleeding. Blood clots can be formed due to various reasons, you should consult your doctor if you notice any abnormality or excessive blood clots continuously for last few months because it may be caused due to any type of uterine disease or improper functioning. The major causes of menstrual blood clots are listed below

Causes Of Menstrual Blood Clots

Heavy bleeding

Body releases anticoagulants during periods to prevent blood clotting but due to heavy the anticoagulants are not enough to stop clotting. It is a very normal as the lining of uterus may vary in thickness in every menstrual cycle and every woman has occasional heavy bleeding.

Hormonal Imbalance

Particular hormones like estrogen and progesterone effect the menstrual cycle. It may cause the uterine lining to grow thicker at times. Imbalance of these hormones in the body can cause heavy menstrual bleeding with clots.

Post Pregnancy

Uterus expands to make space for the baby during pregnancy and after the delivery uterus shrinks to its normal size in most women however, in few cases uterus may not shrink due to which during period blood gets accumulated in the uterus and clots are formed.


Endometriosis is a disease in which the endometrial tissues which form the inner lining of the uterus may grow in the outer wall of uterus. Person suffering from endometriosis may notice thicker bleeding and have unbearable cramps. Endometriosis can be treated completely if diagnosed in the early stages however, if delayed the person may have to undergo a surgery.

If you are facing problem due to menstrual blood clots and heavy bleeding is causing  excessive problems and affecting your normal routine then you should talk to your doctor and inform him about all the symptoms you are suffering from. If the symptoms are showing the presence of any disease then doctor may perform tests for diagnosing the disease.

Doctor may take help of medications and can even opt for surgeries for proper treatment. If heavy menstrual bleeding with clots is caused due to hormonal imbalance then you can use contraceptives to control the bleeding. Blood thinners are also very efficient to stop menstrual blood clots.

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