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Causes of Stomach Pain on Left Side

Stomach Pain on Left Side

Stomach pain is one of the most common problems which we face quiet often. It can be caused due to various reasons. When you are having stomach pain on left side then there are high chances that the pain is caused due to reasons which are not directly affecting the stomach but the organs in the left side of the abdomen. There are many organs like liver, kidney, ureter, ovary, large intestine. So it is important to check what is the main cause of stomach pain left side. In most cases this pain is caused due to overeating and usually lasts for a couple of hours and the fades away with time.

Causes of Stomach Pain:

Stomach Ulcer:

One of the most serious causes of stomach pain in left side is stomach ulcer. In most cases stomach ulcer is not life threatening but you should take proper medical aid but if you because if it leads to bleeding ulcer then it can be life threatening.

Viral Hepatitis:

If you are suffering from stomach pain then there are chances that you may be having viral hepatitis. Most common symptoms of hepatitis are nausea, yellowing of the skin and urine. Talk to a doctor immediately if you are noticing any of the above symptoms along with the stomach pain.

Bowel Obstruction:

Another reason for stomach pain is bowel obstruction. The pain caused due to bowel obstruction is accompanied with constipation or loose motion. It can be easily treated by over the counter medication but you should talk to your doctor if it does not stop within few days.

Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases:

Pelvic inflammatory diseases may lead to a dull but regular pain the abdomen in women. Person may also suffer from fever due to the disease. Contact a gynecologist  before the complications increases.


In this disease the stomach contents are passed back into the esophagus due to which you may suffer from stomach pain as well as burning sensation in the chest. This is caused when muscle which stops the contents from coming up does not work properly.

You should never ignore a stomach pain left side and always do not rely on self medication as it can be caused due to a much severe problem and if treatment is delayed then the complications may increase. Take ample rest and you may take pain killers to decrease the pain. If it continues for more than a 3 days then consult your doctor and have a proper check up.

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