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Chrons Disease Symptoms

Chrons Disease Symptoms

Chron disease is referred to the inflammation and ulcers in the intestines however, it can affect the entire digestive system and chrons disease symptoms can be seen in various parts of the body which are not related to digestive system like eyes and skin. The major cause of chrons disease is due to the overactive immune system which sends antibody called TNF which causes inflammation in the intestines, the disease can spread genetically as well and if you are a smoker then you have greater chances of suffering from the disease. Due to inflammation in the intestines ulcers may develop in intestines.

The ulcers damage the intestinal walls and it becomes difficult for intestine to absorb the nutrients from the food. Inflammation may cause narrowing of intestinal lumen to such extent that food can’t pass through it due to which our digestive system fails to function properly. As the inflammation spreads it also affects the neighboring body parts like bladder, vagina and skin which may cause infection and other related complications.

Major Chrons Disease Symptoms:

Abdominal Pain:

Due to the inflammation of the intestines it puts pressure on the abdomen due to which you may feel pain in the abdominal region. It is generally a recurring pain whose intensity varies with time.


Constipation is caused when your body is unable to digest the food. Due to narrowing and bowel obstruction, food does not get digested and you would probably suffer from constipation.


Your stool might contain mucus and blood and you may have to go to toilet 10 times a day. This is caused due to the failure of the digestive system of the body. You can also feel like vomiting more often.

Eye problems:

It has been observed that chrons disease symptoms may show up in the eyes too and you can even loose your eyesight if not treated in time. Inflammation in the inner part of the eye and pain on exposure to light are major eye related symptoms.

Skin Rashes:

You might observe red nodules on the skin, itching rashes and painful ulcerating module can also develop. Major skin complications caused due to colons disease are pyoderma gangrenosum, uveitis and erythema nodosum.

Weight Loss:

As a result of inflammation, the intestinal walls are unable to absorb nutrients required for proper functioning of the body. Due to this you may loose weight and also feel tired because of lack of energy.


Few people may complain of joint pain and swelling. You will be at higher risk of having fracture because of the thinning of the bones, a condition referred to as osteoporosis.

Diagnosis of chrons disease can be done by blood and stool test. Endoscopy is necessary if we are unable to diagnose the disease using CT scan and other tests. There is no proper treatment of the disease however, you can control chrons disease symptoms with the help of medications and also opt for surgery to remove the blockage.

Taking anti inflammatory medicines like mesalamine can be useful to reduce flare ups. Antibiotics help in reducing the infections and you can also take immunosuppressants to prevent the immune system from producing TNF and causing inflammation. Switching to liquid diet can help to curb the problems related to indigestion.

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