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Cramps During Early Pregnancy

Cramps During Early Pregnancy

Cramps during early pregnancy is a common problem in women and happens to each and every woman. Mostly women assume that it is the cramp before period and within a couple of days period will start. However, if they do not have period they may get worried and tensed. Well, there is no need to worry because probably you are pregnant. If you missed your period after suffering from the cramps then you should check your self for pregnancy.

Period like cramps  in early pregnancy are caused due to the various changes which the uterus is going through after the fertilization of the egg. You may even notice blood spots after several days of the period when you get pregnant. Let us see  what happens in the body once the egg is fertilized and how the changes can cause cramps.

Causes Of Cramps During Early Pregnancy


Once the egg gets fertilized, the embryo gets implanted on the thick uterine wall. During this small amount of bleeding may occur from the uterine wall. You will notice blood spotting within ten days of fertilization. The color of the blood may vary and can either be red or brown.

Uterus Expansion

The body prepares itself  for the growing baby by releasing hormones which are responsible for the expansion of uterus. When the uterus expands the person suffers from pain. The cramp will subside eventually after sometime, however it may increase when the bladder is full.

Stretching Of Ligaments

Uterus is surrounded by ligaments and when the uterus expands which is triggered by the hormones then ligaments also has to stretch. The person may suffer from cramps due due to the stretching of the supporting ligaments and muscles.


If you are having cramps which is accompanied with excessive vaginal bleeding then there is a possibility of miscarriage. Do not panic if you only have blood spotting but if the bleeding does not stop and the cramps are severe then you should consult your doctor immediately.

There are various ways by which you can get relief from the cramps during early pregnancy. Eating healthy food is beneficial for your health as well as to reduce the cramps. Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water which is very important to avoid constipation which can be caused due to the changing levels of hormones in the body. You can also get rid of the the period like cramps in early pregnancy by relaxing your abdominal muscles. You can try hot water bath or heating pads to ease your muscles.

Having warm soup can also give you much needed relief. You can even try yoga and meditation as it not only helps to reduce pain but can also reduce stress and tension.

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