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Dark Spots On Skin – Causes and Remedies

Dark Spots On Skin

Dark spots on skin are a major problem especially in middle aged people. Dark spots are generally caused excess production of melanin due to over exposure to sunlight. Dark spots can appear anywhere on the body. Some of the dark spots on skin fade away with time while few of them remain for several years and require proper treatment. There are many other causes which can lead to dark spots. Few reasons which can lead to dark spots on the skin are:

Causes of Dark Spots on Skin:


Few specific medication can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight, thus more melanin is produced on exposure to sunlight. Major medicines which can lead to dark spots on skin are phenytoin, Amiodarone, Tetracyclines and estrogens.

Exposure to Sun:

After years of exposure to sun, dark spots also known as age spots appear on the skin especially those parts which are mostly exposed like face and arms. Body tries to protect itself when exposed to sun by producing excess melanin as a result dark spots form on the skin. These spots are also known as freckles.


Dark spots caused due to imbalance of female hormones are called cholasma. It appears in women who are regularly taking birth control pills, are pregnant or are undergoing hormonal therapy. The dark spots usually disappear once the person stops taking birth control pills.


There are various diseases which can lead to dark spots on skin and usually disappear once the disease is treated completely. Dark spots can appear due to diseases like Addison’s disease, liver disease and pituitary tumor.

Treatment for Dark Spots on Skin:

In most cases dark spots disappear with time but it may take too long. There are several home remedies by which you can reduce the dark spots on skin.


Lemon is acidic in nature and works as a bleach when applied on the skin. Regularly applying lemon juice on the dark spots lightens the area. Deep a cotton ball in lemon juice and apply on the area before going to bed. Citrus makes skin more sensitive to sunlight so do not apply it during the day.

Castor Oil:

Applying castor oil twice everyday on the dark spots will lighten the area within few weeks. Its anti inflammatory and acidic properties make it a very good spot lightener.

Skin Healthy Diet:

Lack of nutrients and proper diet can make your skin look dull and more susceptible to dark spots. You can enhance the natural glow of the skin by drinking lots of water, eating fresh fruits and vegetables and skin friendly foods like fish and nuts.


Extract the juice of a onion and then mix it with 2 tbs of vinegar. Apply the solution on the dark spots and allow it to dry overnight and wash it next morning. Onion and lemon work in a similar way when applied on the dark spots.

Apply Sunscreen:

Most common cause of dark spots is exposure to ultraviolet rays. The best way to stop the dark spots is to apply sunscreen before going outdoors. It not only lightens the dark spots but also prevents further damage.

If the dark spots on skin are not lightening even after trying the home remedies and applying fade creams then you should consult a doctor if you are noticing symptoms of any other disease. Few commercial products may not work for you and can be allergic so always test a new ingredient or product on an unseen patch of skin first.

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