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Different Types Of Abortion You Should Know

Different Types Of Abortion

There are different types of abortion methods, mainly divided into medical and surgical abortion. The procedure of abortion largely  depends on the stage of pregnancy and the size of baby. It also depends on the facilities available and preference of women. There are many reasons why a person may want to get her baby aborted. If you are planning to have an abortion then you should consider all factors and make a thought out decision.

Different types of abortion options are available, you should choose one only after consulting a doctor. The method of abortion depends on the stage of pregnancy and the overall health of the mother. About 61% of women who go for abortion do it within 8 weeks and 88% of women do it in the first trimester. Rarely there is any complications related to abortions. However, it can increase risk of many diseases like cancer and infections. Different types of abortion which are listed below.

Different Types Of Abortion


Medications are usually used in the early stages of pregnancy. If you are pregnant for 8 weeks or less than you can take abortion pills. It is one of the safest options of abortion. Doctor will prescribe abortion pill called mifepristone which blocks progesterone, this hormone is responsible for making the lining of uterus. After a couple of days a second pill called prostaglandin is given and within 10 hours the inner lining breaks off and bleeding starts and the fetus comes out with it.

Suction Aspiration

In this method of abortion a suction is used to suck out the fetus and placenta. Before entering the suction tube a local anesthesia is given to the mother and her cervix is dilated.

Dilation And Curettage

A hook shaped knife called curette is used to cut the placenta and baby into pieces. Once the baby is cut into small pieces they are scraped out through the cervix and discarded.

Dilation And Execution

Doctor may also use a pair of forceps to grasp the fetus and pull it out of the cervix. Many a times the skull and spine of the baby should be crushed before pulling it out.

Salt Poisoning

A salt solution is injected in the womb through mother’s abdomen. The salt acts as a poison to the baby and it dies within an hour. Salt acts as a corrosive, burning off the outer layer of the baby. After a day the dead baby will come out of the body.

Partial Birth Abortion

This technique is used in the later stages of pregnancy when the baby has almost developed completely and no other method can be used. The baby is forcibly pulled out of the birth canal, except the head. Scissors are inserted in the baby’s head and then it is opened to enlarge the skull. The brain is sucked out with the help of suction catheter. The dead baby is then removed.

There are many home abortion methods too but they are not very safe and may go wrong if not done properly. It is better to take help of a professional to avoid complications. Different types of abortion procedures are available but you should consult your doctor. If you want to abort your child do it as soon as possible because chances of complications increases as you delay it. In case you don’t want to get pregnant then always take precautionary measures like condoms and contraceptives pills. If you are noticing any side effects after the abortion talk to your doctor immediately.

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