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Early HIV Symptoms In Men

Early HIV Symptoms In Men

Recognizing Early HIV symptoms in men becomes very crucial in increasing the life expectancy of the person because the virus directly affects our immune system. Our immune system becomes very weak because the virus destroys the white blood cells and due to this our body becomes highly vulnerable to diseases which can vary from life threatening diseases like tuberculosis and cancer to recurring infections and fevers.

HIV leads to the disease called AIDS in which the bodies defense system becomes ineffective. HIV can enter your body if you have unprotected sex with a HIV patient, reuse syringe or if you are given a HIV infected blood in the hospital. It can also transfer from one generation to the other. It may take several years for the body to show the early HIV symptoms in men.

Early HIV Symptoms In Men


If you are suffering from infections more frequently than usual it means that your immune system has become very weak and can be easily infected by harmful bacteria and viruses. This is caused due to the affect of HIV on our immune system which makes our body’s defense mechanism very weak. You may notice rashes appearing on your skin and it mostly fades within few weeks


It is the most common early HIV symptoms in men. Generally, body temperature rises when our immune system tries to fight against the virus or any other foreign harmful substance. Fever may be noticed within few weeks of the virus entering our body. The symptom is generally neglected and thought to be caused due to the flu and weather changes.


Fever may be accompanied with normal mild headache. This symptom too can’t be distinguished to be caused due to HIV and people generally confuse it to be caused due to everyday stress and other factors. It can be easily treated with the help of medications.


Noticeable drop in the energy level, lack of stamina, weakness and drop in work efficiency can be related to early HIV symptoms in men. You will easily get tired and will have difficulty in doing rigorous physical activities.

Swollen Glands

Glands present in various parts like neck, armpits and groins may swell up. The swelling occurs due to the attack of the virus on our immune system. The swollen area may not pain even after applying pressure. If you notice any such symptom does not ignore it.

Sore Throat

You may suffer from sore throat at the initial stages due to which you will face difficulty in swallowing food as a result of which there may be noticeable drop in your appetite. This may lead to gradual loss of weight and weakness.

Early HIV symptoms in men are difficult to distinguish and you can easily confuse it to be caused due to other diseases. You should be very careful especially if you think you are at high risk, means if you had unsafe sex, reused needle or blood was injected recently in your body then you must go for the blood test for HIV. Till date there is no treatment of the disease which makes taking preventive measures more important.

There are medicines available which can decrease the rate of deterioration of health and increase the longevity of the patient.

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