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Feeling Tired All The Time

Feeling Tired All The Time

Many of us experience tiredness and lack of energy all the time despite of having proper diet and sleep. Feeling tired all the time can lead serious health problems which needs to be diagnosed very soon. Modern day lifestyle has become so hectic and busy that our body feels an extreme state of tiredness and lethargic. At some point of time our body urges us to get some rest instead of completing our pending works.

Our modern lifestyle thus is one of the major reason of feeling tired all the time. Feeling sluggish and exhausted all the time should be taken seriously and proper remedial action should be taken at the earliest possible.

Having body aches, dizziness, tired eyes are some of the symptoms of excessive tiredness and exhaustion.

feeling tired all the time


This is one of the major reason of feeling exhausted all the time. Red blood cells carry oxygen to different parts of our body to oxidize the food and thus release energy. Lack of sufficient amount of RBC(Red Blood Cells) could lead to Inadequate amount of energy in the body. Lack of RBC in the body can be due to various reasons, like deficiency of various nutrients and vitamins, especially vitamin D, external blood loss. Anemia is generally suffered by women during their period as they loss blood and thus RBC. Kidney failure, and cancer can also lead to anemia.

Inadequate sleep

Adults require 6-8 hours of sleep through the day. Sleeping less than the adequate amount the prior night can result in tiredness in the next day.

Poor diet

Proper diet provides energy to the body. Diet that lacks in essential nutrients, and vitamins could result in feeling exhausted and if the person is having no energy.


Energy is produced by burning of the glucose in our body. People suffering from type 2 diabetes lack in energy as high level of glucose remain inside their body that do not burn up and produce energy.

In order to get rid of fatigue and tiredness, here are some of the remedies :-

  • Consuming a diet rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. Carbohydrate are the major nutrient required by our body to produce energy. Body full of energy would reduce the possibility of feeling tired all the time.
  • Dehydration could also result in fatigue and exhaustion. Drinking sufficient amount of water as required by our body would keep us away from tiredness.
  • Getting proper amount of sleep would certainly ensures refreshed and energized next day.
  • Listening to your favorite music can pep your mood.
  • A power nap in the afternoon could certainly ensure to revitalize you and boost up your energy.

Regular exercise

Regular exercise removes toxin from our body, provides sufficient oxygen, and also ensures in getting sufficient amount of sleep.

Thus feeling tired all the time is not a good sign for a working person in our modern lifestyle. You must feel energized and fresh to do your work in a better way.

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