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Gallbladder Cancer Symptoms And Signs

Gallbladder Cancer Symptoms

Gallbladder cancer is one of the rarest kind of cancer. One of the major problem related to it is that the gallbladder cancer symptoms appear at the later stages of the cancer when it has spread to other neighboring tissues and the size of tumor caused due to cancer has considerably increased. Cancer generally affects the inner lining of the  gall bladder which are called glandular cells. The uncontrolled multiplication of the cells is caused due to mutations in the DNA of the cell. Tumor forms inside the gallbladder due to the accumulation of the cancerous cells which interrupts the proper functioning of the organ and causes intense pain.

The major function of gallbladder is to store a digestive fluid,bile which is produced by the liver. Women are at higher risk of suffering from gallbladder in comparison to men and generally occurs in people above 50 years. Here are a few gallbladder cancer symptoms.

Gallbladder Cancer Symptoms

Abdominal Pain

As the size of the tumor increases it creates pressure on the neighboring organs and gallbladder. When the tumor blocks the bile duct you may feel intense pain. The pain generally occurs on the right side of abdomen.

Nausea And Vomiting

It is one of the most common Gallbladder Cancer Symptoms. Nausea and Vomiting is caused due to interruption in the flow of bile which disrupts the digestive system. Bile gets accumulated in the gallbladder causing intense pain and nausea.


Gallbladder cancer may lead to severe complications like jaundice. Major symptoms of jaundice are yellowing of urine and skin, stool becomes pale and whites of eyes. Person should be immediately admitted in the hospital after jaundice is diagnosed.


You may notice lumps in the abdominal region where the gallbladder is located. This is caused due to increase in size of the tumor and inflammation of the gallbladder due to accumulation of bile.


You may notice sharp increase in the body temperature of the person suffering from gallbladder cancer. Fever fluctuates with time and you will feel sick and you may have headache due to high fever.


Patient may feel uncomfortable due to feeling of fullness after eating. Even after going to the toilet he may not feel empty from inside. Due to this person may start reducing his diet because he is unable to eat as a result of the fullness.

Loss Of Appetite

Problem in digestive system generally causes loss of appetite. It is caused due to uneasiness and sickness and person avoids eating much food as a result he may loose weight gradually due to decrease in the diet.

Diagnosis of gallbladder cancer symptoms is very confusing because most of the gallbladder cancer symptoms are general symptoms which can be caused due to many other diseases and also the symptoms appear very late. Diagnosis can be done by physical examination, ultrasound, blood test and CT scan. Doctors generally opt for surgery for treating the cancer and remove the tumor and affected part. However, if the cells have spread to other tissues and organs they can also use a combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy to kill and stop the cells from mutiplying.

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