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Heart Attack Symptoms In Women Over 60

Heart Attack Symptoms In Women Over 60

Heart attacks affect both men and women but it is more common among men. But the chances of heart attack symptoms in women over 60 are same as that in men of same age. According to surveys one out of every 4 women of 60 yrs and above have suffered from heart attack. Heart Attack is more fatal in case of women and causes more death in women than men.

The major cause of heart attack is the narrowing or blocking of arteries due to plaque which is a fatty deposit in the arteries. It may cause blood clot in the arteries. Another reason of narrowing of arteries is the inflammation in arteries in response to any injury or disease.

Women above 60 yrs are at higher risk because of their age. The risk increases even more if patient has smoking habit, is overweight or someone in the family has heart disease.

Heart attack symptoms in women are listed below.

Heart Attack Symptoms In Women Over 60

Pain In Various Parts

Pain in the jaws, in either or the arms, neck, shoulders and back can be very discomforting. You may feel tightness or pressure on these specific parts. You may also have pain in the calves along with inflammation and redness of the part.

Chest Pain

Aged women may suffer from a excruciating pain in the chest. They may experience burning sensation and pressure in the chest. The pain lasts for only few minutes but can return back.

Burning Sensation In Feet

The early symptom of heart attack mainly in women is the burning sensation in feet. You may also feel a tingling sensation in the feet. This symptom is more common in diabetic patients.

Shortness Of Breath

You may feel difficulty in breathing and have to exert more pressure in order to breathe. This is accompanied with shortness of breath and pain in chest.


Nauses is a common symptom of heart attack both in men and women. You may feel like vomiting along with pain in the stomach and indigestion which is a less known symptom of the heart attack.


The patient feels like she is about to fall because of weakness in the body and headache. Other symptoms include excessive sweating without any reason. Dizziness occurs due to lack of blood flow to the brain during heart attack.

Increase In Heartbeat

The fluttering heartbeat is a common phenomenon during heart attack because heart tries hard to supply blood to different parts of body during the attack. If the increased heartbeat doesn’t slow down after some time than it may be signal of heart attack.

The heart attack symptoms in women over 60 can be fatal so call for help as soon as you notice any related symptoms. These are very general symptoms which can be caused due to other health complications so it becomes very important to very attentive if you are aged and at high risk. It is the major cause of death among women so it is very important to take preventive measures to reduce the chances of heart attack in future.

Avoid high cholesterol food because it can lead to narrowing of the arteries Proper healthy diet, weight control and regular exercise keeps the heart healthy and strong.

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