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How Helpful is Depression Test for Teenagers

Depression Test for Teenagers

Depression test for teenagers is very useful for those parents who are very concern about their teenage child’s behavior. One out of every 8 teenager is depressed. Depression is a state of low mood, the person feels sad, anxious, restless, guilty, worthless.

There are many changes going through a teen’s life. He has to worry for the grades, social status, sexual orientation. They are making independent decisions for the first time in their life. These along with major hormonal changes causes mood swings. Hence it is important to know whether teenager is depressed. Luckily depression test for teenagers is available. It is important to diagnose depression and its reason for properly guiding him.

Therefore depression test for teenagers must be conducted if they are feeling sad for more than 2 weeks.

How Is Depression Test for Teenagers conducted?

A doctor uses various techniques for depression test for teenagers. This starts with a personal interview followed by physical examination and lab tests. Certain symptoms may be due to medical conditions such as viruses or a thyroid disorder. These possibilities can be ruled out by proper lab tests.

Personal Interview:

Any teenager needs proper guidance and needs to share his feeling with someone. The doctor asks him/her various questions to probe the reason of depression, level of depression and other social factors affecting the teen’s emotional state. In depression test for teenagers doctors also look for  symptoms for depression.

Some sample questions which are asked during such personal interview are:

  • Do you get tired without reason?
  • Have you lost interest in your hobbies?
  • Do you feel ignored by others?

Lab Test:

After prolonged research on a group of teenagers the doctors have found specific hormones to be high in the blood of teenagers suffering from depression. In lab test blood sample is taken and checked for 11 indicators linked to depression. However, the research is in its initial stages. It will be a major breakthrough as it will be sure shot way of depression test for teenagers.

Post depression test counseling by the experienced doctor is very crucial to make a person feel better for himself, it helps him to gain his lost confidence and overcome the major reason of depression.

Proper emotional support, understanding, patience and encouragement helps a teenager to recover from depression. Parents play a crucial role in helping their kids from overcoming depression. Thus, they need to provide proper guidance so that teens can handle various changes in the crucial stage of their life.

Consulting a doctor to conduct depression test for teenagers is very important. One should enjoy the small happy moments of the teenage life as it is the most happening phase of a person where he discovers who he actually is.

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