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High Anxiety Symptoms Physical And Emotional

High Anxiety Symptoms

Everyone experiences High Anxiety symptoms in their everyday life and activities. It is natural to get anxious but at the same it is also very important to recognize high anxiety symptoms so that it can be controlled before your nervousness gets out of hand. Anxiety is a generalized mood of a person which is not governed by any specific triggering stimulus. The basic reason of anxiety is uncertainty of the future. The inability to tolerate uncertainty leads to anxiety.

High Anxiety symptoms can basically be divided into two categories – Emotional symptoms and Physical symptoms. Anxiety symptoms are result of an abnormal increase in the level of adrenaline in the blood which is controlled by a small part of the subconscious mind. This sets of a chain reaction of inappropriate body functions which are the symptoms of anxiety.

High Anxiety Symptoms


Frequent Urination:

Frequent urination is the hardest thing to control when you are in stress. The need to urinate is triggered by the adrenaline. It is completely involuntary. The more you think about it the more the urge to urinate increases so you should concentrate on the root cause of anxiety and face it.


In case of anxiety headaches are more frequent, intense and last for a longer time. It can be due to both mental stress and physical stress such as not sleeping and eating properly.


Our hands, legs, arms or even entire body may feel shaky due to biochemical changes which affect our nervous system, brain and other systems. Other symptoms include numbness of the feet and arms and weak legs.

Muscle Tension and Pain:

When a person gets nervous his muscles may get tight or strained. The intense pain may restrict any kind of physical activity. Cramps in the body muscles have been observed during anxiety.

Difficulty in concentration:

People find it difficult to focus on normal tasks, can’t concentrate and work on a particular activity during stress due to which nervousness builds up. The mind feels blank and it becomes difficult remembering anything. You may feel blank before giving a speech to a large gathering or before a interview.


Rapid Heartbeat and breathing:

When level of adrenaline increases in the body the rate of Heartbeat and breathing increases rapidly. It is a way the body prepares us to face the adverse conditions. For example if you see a snake then you will have tendency to runaway for which high energy and blood circulation is required so that you can act promptly, either fight or flight.


Anxiety sweating is a natural function which a person experiences when he is nervous or under pressure. It is widely believed that heavy sweating is a mental condition while others say that stress causes heat causing one to sweat.

The only way to reduce anxiety is to build confidence. Anything is possible if one believes on himself. Face the situation and try to get through it rather than avoiding it or running away. Worrying about things that can go wrong in life won’t help. Enjoy the uncertainties of life. The motto of your life should be “I Can Do It”. Fear, when faced head on loses its and other high anxiety symptoms will follow suit.

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