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Home Remedies For Hair Growth

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Hairs are one of the most important part of our looks and the overall persona. Good and healthy, long hairs can make you look much more beautiful. Women want to have long hairs as it increases their elegance and they can try many hair styles if they are having long hairs. But with the changing lifestyle and falling standard of nutrition along with increasing pollution maintaining long hairs has become very difficult.

An average human’s hair grows by about 15 cm every year. Many women want much faster growth however, it is not possible to increase the rate to a great extent but you can certainly increase the rate of growth to some extent by trying several home remedies for hair growth. The most important fact is for proper growth of hairs you should take proper care of them by cleaning, oiling and conditioning hairs time to time. Along with this you can try several other home remedies for hair growth.

Home Remedies for Hair Growth:

Remedy 1: Eggs

Eggs are very good for health of your hairs. It makes your hair shinier, conditioned and increases the hair growth. You just have to apply a raw egg after removing the yolk from the egg. Allow it for around 15-20 minutes then wash your hairs properly.

Remedy 2: Onion

Onion too is very effective in hair growth. You can apply onion juice directly on your hairs and leave it for 4-5 hours. Onion increases scalp circulation and clears up the hair follicles.

Remedy 3: Cactus

If cactus leaves are available then you can cut some of them and allow it to soak in water overnight, you can also add aloe leaves in the water. Apply the water on your hairs next morning.

Remedy 4: Grape seed Oil

One of the best home remedies for hair growth is massaging your hairs daily with grape seed oil. It not only keeps the hairs healthy and stop them from falling off, it also aids in faster growth of hairs.

Remedy 5: Arnica

Arnica is very effective in promoting hair growth as it increases the blood circulation in the scalp. You can apply it in various ways either in form of cream or as a hair rinse containing arnica tincture.

Remedy 6: Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is very useful in removing dandruff from the scalp thus it prevents hair fall and helps in the growth of the hairs. Apply it regularly everyday on your hairs and you can also drink 2 tsp vinegar mixed with water for best results.

These are one of the easiest and widely practiced home remedies for hair growth. You can try any of the remedy depending on the availability of the ingredients. Regular massage with oil should be done once every second day to increase the blood flow in the scalp, avoid dandruff and make the hairs stronger so that they do not break off.

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