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How To Prevent Asthma

How To Prevent Asthma

Asthma refers to a chronic disease related to difficulty in breathing caused due to blocking of the airways. Many people ask How To Prevent Asthma however, there is no perfect answer for the question as there are various risk factors on which you don’t have any control. These factors are mainly related to heredity. If you are having a family history of asthma and allergies then you are at higher risk of suffering from asthma.

Other factors which can stimulate asthma attacks are pollutants, smoking,atmospheric irritants and allergens. Even cold and obesity increases the chances of asthma attacks. If a person has asthma he must take proper care before starting a family to decrease the risk of asthma in the child. There are various steps by which we can prevent asthma.

How To Prevent Asthma

Avoid Smoking

Asthma is a respiratory disease so obviously smoking increases the possibility of Asthma. One should avoid smoking and  if a person is suffering from asthma he must not allow smoking in the house and try to remain in no smoking zones. A person having asthma in family history should be more conscious of smoking.

Avoid Allergic Substances

It is very important to identify the Asthma triggering substances and avoid them. If you are having asthma attacks then identify which allergens are stimulating the attacks and then try to keep a distance from the allergens.

Avoid Catching Cold

If a person is suffering from asthma and catches cold then the risk of asthma attacks increases so  the patients should keep distance from people suffering from cold and going out in cold. Get a flu vaccine from time to time to avoid complications due to asthma.


It is not possible to always avoid the allergens in case you have to work in that environment or come in contact with the allergens in day to day life. In that case Immunotherapy is very vital to prevent allergy symptoms. In this therapy a small amount of allergen is regularly injected in the body due to which body automatically gets accustomed to the allergen.

Loose Weight

Obese people are at higher risk to asthma. So loosing weight can be very important in reducing the risks. Regular exercises are very important however, people who suffer from exercise induced asthma must have proper warmup along with the medications.

From the above given ways you surely have got the answer to How To Prevent Asthma. It does not guarantee that you will never suffer from asthma but it will surely curb the risk of getting affected. Being healthy and fit, avoiding harmful habits like smoking and regular checkups for asthma is very important in preventing asthma attacks.

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