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How To Quit Smoking Weed

How To Quit Smoking Weed

Most weed smokers addicted to weeds ask them self, how to quit smoking weed? Addiction is one of the biggest weaknesses of humans, it is never easy to quit or stop any addictive activity. A person can be addicted to games, smoking or alcohol or any particular activity. Excess of anything is harmful. Any kind of addiction starts with experimentation. A person wants to try what his counterparts are trying and finally gets addicted to it. Smoking weed is one such activity. Once you smoke weed, you want to smoke it more.

The fact that weed is very cheap and easily available has made it a major problem, in fact due to cross breeds weed has become much stronger nowadays. It is widely affecting the younger generation of the world and rapidly spreading. The hardest and most crucial part to quit smoking weed is to take a strong willpower that you will quit it under any circumstances. Preparing your mind is the deciding step of quitting weed. Here are a few important steps to how to quit smoking weed.

How To Quit Smoking Weed

Tier Method

You can not quit smoking weed if  you are leaving it suddenly. Smoke less frequently and in smaller amounts. Slowly reducing the frequency will not only prevent major mental stress but also avoid the physical problems like sores on different parts of the body.

Stay Away From People who Deal With Weed

You might think it unreasonable but it is one of the important step to quit weed. It is important to avoid peer pressure if you are serious about leaving weed. Change your friend circle, it might sound difficult but you should do it.

Keep Yourself Busy

Try to deviate your mind to different activities which entertain you, do not remain idle or sit alone. Play games, listen to music or go for long drives. Do anything which keeps you busy, discover a new habit. The more you are idle, the more you will think of  smoking weed.


Try to stay around people and situations where you can not get high. Talk to people, make new friends and socialize with non smoking peoples. If you are stressed out do not think of smoking instead talk to someone with whom you like to hang out.

Exercise and Diet

Weed addiction is very difficult to leave and while you are trying to quit weed you may find it quiet stressful. You may get easily irritated and several physical side effects like indigestion may show up. Taking vitamin and mineral supplements and exercising regularly may help reduce the withdrawal symptoms.

Rehabilitation Center

If you are unable to quit smoking weed even after several months on your own then you should consider going to a rehabilitation center. It is much easier to quit weed in a rehab however, it finally depends on your will power whether you will be able to quit weed or not.

You must have got the idea of how to quit smoking weed by now, so take the first step right away. For sure it won’t be easy. Especially due to withdrawal symptoms many people are not able to quit smoking weed but if you have strong will power than you can face any problem. Smoking weed not only decreases your life expectancy but also you standard of life goes down. Others can help you in quitting but finally everything comes to you whether you want to quit smoking weed or not. Take the deciding step, better late than never.

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