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How To Stop Cramps After Period

Cramps After Period

Cramps are inevitable problem faced by women every month. Cramp is pain caused due to excessive contraction of the muscles, in women the muscles of ovaries contract during menstruation hence cramp is one of the most common menstrual cycle symptoms. Due to some reason few women also suffer from cramps after period. The main cause of cramps after period may vary from person to person, few causes are listed below

Causes of Cramps After Period:


During ovulation egg is released from the ovary for fertilization. Not everyone but many women suffer from cramps during ovulation which may be caused due to bleeding during ovulation because of rupture of ovarian follicle. Accumulation of mucus in the fallopian tube may cause pain during ovulation and the pulsing of fallopian tube also causes can cause cramps after periods.


Another possible cause of cramps after periods is that you are pregnant. You must take a pregnancy test if you are suffering from cramps after periods for the first time and have an active sex life.


Prostagladins are hormones which cause contraction of the uterus and also cause dilation of the arteries and veins during period. The level of prostagladins may remain high for few days even after the periods as a result you may suffer from cramps.

There are many ways by which you can get relief from cramps after periods. By making certain lifestyle changes and trying out some easy home remedies you may get instant relief and subside the discomfort.

How to Stop Cramps After Period:


Exercise is the best way to treat not only cramps after period but also cramps before period because exercise increases the blood flow in our system and as a result muscles are supplied with adequate amount of blood and help in reducing the muscle tension.

Take Hot Water Bath:

Taking a hot water bath relaxes the body muscles, you may try lying on your back and allow the hot water to flow directly on your abdomen and you may even have a mineral bath for which you have to mix 1 cup of baking soda and sea salt each and lie in the bath tub for about half an hour.

Heating Pad:

Try applying heating pad on your stomach and back when you are suffering from cramps. You will get instant relief from the pain and will feel good within few minutes. If heating pads are not available then you can use a sock filled with hot sand, it serves the same purpose.


Proper massage not only relaxes and relieves your mind and reduces stress but it also helps in relaxing the muscles of different parts of the body. You  can opt for a simple massage or oil massage whichever gives you better results.

Meditation and Yoga:

Many women having the problem of cramps after period use certain relaxation techniques like meditation and Yoga. It helps in providing peace of mind and also increases the blood flow in the body.

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