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Is Ice Cream Gluten Free

Is Ice Cream Gluten Free

Gluten is a protein found in wheat and few people are allergic to wheat due to this protein. If a person is allergic to wheat then he has to take extra precaution before eating anything. If you too are allergic to gluten then you have to question about the ingredients of everything you eat. Is Ice Cream Gluten free? Is there any chances that some amount of gluten has contaminated the ice cream during processing or packing? Are the major concerns of a person having allergy from gluten.

The term gluten free refers to the acceptable levels of gluten in the food. Gluten free doesn’t mean that there won’t be any traces of gluten the product. The exact level is uncertain and varies from country to country.

As a matter of fact ice cream do not actually contain gluten. Since gluten is used as a food additive for stabilizing or thickening the food and used for flavoring the ice cream several ice cream producing companies use gluten in their products to improve its quality and taste. Gluten is mainly present in the add-ons like cookies or chips.

Nowadays most companies mention on their packet whether the ice cream is gluten free or not so if you are allergic to gluten then you should always check the ice cream cover before eating it. Since the companies usually use powdered  milk to make ice cream they may not be aware whether their product contains gluten or not. If nothing is mentioned about gluten then it is better to avoid it. You must also check for allergy warnings mentioned on the packet. If  there is no separate container to make gluten free ice cream then gluten may contaminate the ice cream. If the person is serving all ice creams with the same scooper then it may cross contamination.  If you are having celiac disease never take add ons like brownie pieces or cookies.

After the increasing awareness of  intolerance of gluten several ice cream companies have started producing gluten free ice cream few of which are listed below

  • Carvel Ice Cream
  • Coldstone Creamery
  • Baskin And Robbins
  • Tofutti
  • Breyers
  • Blue Bells
  • McDonalds
  • Dairy Queen

Is ice cream gluten free? Is a major concern of ice cream lovers suffering from celiac disease and those who are allergic to wheat. A person suffering from the disease may opt for only natural ice creams to avoid any chances of  taking in gluten. Search for a proper shop which keeps a separate area and uses a clean pan from the freezer to mix the ice cream. You can reduce the risk of  being affected by taking such precautionary measures and enjoy your ice cream without any worry.

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