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Is Lymphoma Curable – The Fact You Need to Know.

Is Lymphoma Curable

I have seen many peoples searching for “ Is Lymphoma Curable? ” and the answer is “Yes” but before dive straight in to the topic, lets understand what Lymphoma is. Lymphoma is a general term which refers to cancer in lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a part of the immune system of the body. Lymphatic system consists of network of blood vessels. Watery fluids called lymph are present in the vessels. These contain infection fighting cells called lymphocytes which is then carried to different parts of the body by the blood vessels.

Lymphoma develops when lymphocytes become abnormal and start dividing without control. It often leads to enlargement of the lymph nodes. Lymphoma is basically divided into two -Hodgkin’s and non Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The Hodgkin’s disease, the most common lymphoma can be identified by the presence of a cell called Reed-Sternberg cell. The Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma spreads in extranodal sites (organs other than lymph nodes like bones and liver).

Symptoms for Lymphoma:

Enlarged lymph nodes present in the neck, groin or underarm area are the initial symptoms in case of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Other symptoms include fever, weight loss, patches on the skin, vomiting, abdominal pain and night sweats.

Now the question arises is Lymphoma curable. After years of research and experiments cure for lymphoma has been found. The cure depends on the type of lymphoma and the stage of lymphoma. It also depends how fast the disease is spreading

Is Lymphoma Curable?

The cure of lymphoma in 20th century is one of cancer’s biggest success stories. The progress in chemotherapy and radiation therapy together with other clinical research transformed the fatal disorder into a curable one.

However the success of treatment for lymphoma is solely depends up on the detection stage and type of Lymphoma. Types of Lymphoma are explained as below:

  • Low Grade Lymphoma:

Low grade lymphomas include small lymphocytic and follicular mixed cell. It responds rapidly to chemotherapy, they mostly return and regarded as incurable.

  • Intermediate and high grade Lymphoma:

It includes follicular large cells, diffused mixed cells Intermediate and high grade lymphomas are curable by properly combining chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Treatments for Lymphoma:


Chemotherapy refers to using drugs to kill bacteria, viruses and cancer cells. This therapy works best on cells which divide to make new cells. This is typical to most cancer cells. Lymphoma is curable by using chemotherapy. The therapy can be given in number of ways Injecting shots into the muscles and veins or in form of pills.


In this therapy high energy rays or particles are used to treat the diseases like cancers. Radiation therapy is useful in lymphoma because the cancer cells grow and divide more rapidly than normal cells. The intensity of radiation is properly controlled so that cancer tissue is harmed more than the normal ones. It also prevents growth of cancer cells surgery.

Today, patients of different age groups worldwide survive lymphoma with modern treatments. Current efforts seek to maintain optimal health for these survivors and ultimately understand risks for and prevention of this disease. Hope this article is well enough to address your question “Is Lymphoma Curable?”

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