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How To Stop Itchy Scalp Hair Loss

Itchy Scalp Hair Loss

Itchy scalp can be very frustrating to the person who is suffering from it. Itchy scalp can be caused due to several reasons and in many cases person suffering from itchy scalp also suffers from hair loss. You develop a habit of scratching your hair which may be quiet embarrassing at times. Itchy scalp hair loss has become a major problem and most of the people have to face hair loss some time or the other. Hair loss due to age may not be curable but if you are your are hairs are falling due to other reasons accompanied by itchy scalp then it is curable and you can prevent hair from falling in future.

Scratching the scalp may cause formation of flakes on the surface. You may notice rashes and  redness at the scratched area. The region may swell up and you can feel it by touching.

There are various causes which can lead to itchy scalp. One of the major causes of itching is dandruff . If hair lice are present in your hairs then it may cause intense itching. Other reasons of itchy scalp are certain skin conditions like scalp psoriasis, dermatitis and other bacterial and fungal infections. Beside these conditions there are other factors like overuse of harsh chemical products on the hair and improper hygiene.

There are several ways  by which you can stop your itchy scalp hair loss. There are also several techniques by which you can regrow your hairs. Few of the most effective techniques are listed below.

How To Stop Itchy Scalp Hair Loss

Apply Oil

Oiling helps in reducing the dryness of the scalp, thus reducing the itching sensation. It also makes the hairs much stronger and healthier. Apply oil properly on your scalp and hairs. Spread it properly so that it reaches every part of the scalp and hairs. You may opt for olive oil, coconut oil or aloe vera gel, these are very effective for stopping hair loss.

Control Sugar Intake

Sugar can increase the worsen the condition as it saturates the blood and feeds yeast . Even dairy products too can cause itching. It has been observed that eating dairy foods can cause continuous itching for several hours. Try to avoid the honey, yoghurt or any sugar rich food products. Eat food which are rich in zinc, Vitamin C,


You may apply anti itching lotions containing hydrocortisone. It is very effective in reducing the inflammation. Consult your doctor before applying any lotion as the chemicals may worsen the conditions if it does not suits you.

Try Another Shampoo

The shampoo may cause itching if it contains harsh chemicals and if you are overusing it . Choose a shampoo with a pH between 4.5 and 5.5. If you regularly use shampoo with same compositions for several years then it may  harm your scalp so it is advised to regularly change your shampoo.

Stop Scratching

When you scratch your scalp with the dirty nails then bacterias can easily cause infection. Never scratch your scalp instead use lotions to stop the itching and keep your fingernails cleaned in case you are unable to control.


There are many medications available in the market which are effective in hair regrowth.  Rogaine, finesteride and dutasteride are few of the most widely used medication which you can easily get over the counter in any medical store.

Itchy scalp hair loss is a common problem and there is no need to panic or get embarrassed. You can easily stop itching of the scalp by trying the above methods.  Brush your hair gently without touching your scalp to  avoid flaking. You may consider talking to a doctor because hair loss can be caused due to thyroid disease, low vitamin level and  anemia. Take proper care of your hairs and scalp by regularly shampooing and oiling your hairs.

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