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Kidney Cancer Symptoms Female

Kidney Cancer Symptoms Female

Kidney cancer is the cancer of the cells present in the kidney due to which cells abnormally starts to multiply and accumulate in the kidney forming tumors. Kidney cancer symptoms female is less common in comparison to men. Some cells can break off and affect other parts of the body which increases the complications. The cancer generally occurs in people who are above 40 years.

A smoker is always at higher risk of suffering kidney cancer. Being overweight, having high blood pressure or exposure to certain chemicals can increase the risk of kidney cancer. People who are receiving dialysis due to failure of kidney and those who’s relatives are suffering from the disease have greater chance of suffering from the disease. Like any other form of cancer, kidney cancer is best treated if it is diagnosed in the early stages.

Kidney cancer symptoms female is almost same as that of men. In most cases there are no symptoms in the initial stages later on you may observe the following kidney cancer symptoms.

Kidney Cancer Symptoms Female:


It is one of the first symptoms of kidney cancer, person may notice blood in the urine due to which it will appear as red or pink instead of yellow or transparent. Sometimes there may not be any color change in the urine and blood may be observed under the microscope.

Back Pain:

Kidney is located just below the rib cage and formation and increase in size of tumor may cause pain which you may feel in your back. The person may get confused that back pain is due to the muscle pull in the back. You must consult your doctor if the pain stays for prolonged period.

Weight Loss:

If you are noticing unintended weight loss lately then you may be suffering from the kidney cancer. If the person is unable to figure out what is reason of the change in weight then he should talk to a doctor to know the underlying cause.


The person may feel tired and his stamina may decrease due to kidney cancer. If you are having a general feeling of illness or poor health then you may be suffering from kidney cancer.


If you are having kidney cancer then you may suffer from recurrent fever. Due to increase in temperature of the body you may suffer from headache along with chills.

Kidney Cancer Diagnosis:

Kidney cancer symptoms female are very general symptoms and may be caused due to infection in the kidney or any other kidney disease. In order to diagnose kidney cancer doctors start with physical examination, blood tests and urine test to see whether blood is present in the urine or not. He may also take help of biopsy to check the presence of cancerous cells, CT scans and ultrasound is useful to see the size and location of tumor. Proper treatment of kidney cancer can be done by proper combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Kidney Cancer Treatment:

The treatment varies from person to person and depends upon the stage of the cancer, location of the tumor and overall health of a person. If the tumor is present in the kidney then it can be removed by surgery and in few cases the complete kidney may have to be removed to prevent cancer from spreading to other parts. Radiation therapy is useful to kill the cancerous cells without affecting other normal cells. Chemotherapy is generally used after surgery and radiation therapy to prevent recurrence of kidney cancer, biological therapy uses the body’s immune system to fight against the cancer.

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