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Kidney Problem Symptoms You Should Know

Kidney Problem Symptoms

Kidney is a very vital organ of our body whose main function is to remove waste from the blood. In initial stages there are no vital Kidney Problem Symptoms however, if not diagnosed in time it may lead to complete Kidney Failure. Kidney related diseases are generally chronic which means these diseases take several years to get cured. Kidney diseases occur due to damage of the blood vessels of the kidney due to which it can’t purify the blood. Weight of the person increases due to increase in the water and salt content of the body when kidney does not function properly.

Diabetes and high blood pressure are the main reasons of Kidney failure. Level  Of serum Creatinine in blood is measured to detect the stage of the disease. Various Kidney Problem Symptoms are listed below.

Kidney Problem Symptoms

Change In Frequency Of Urination

The rate of urinating either decreases or increases according to the disease. It is one of the initial Kidney Problem Symptom. Patients often has to wake up at night to urinate.

Burning Sensation While Urinating

Patients feel severe burning sensation in the urethra when they urinate. Also, the color of urine changes to yellow and patient can also observe foamy urine.


When the kidney does not function properly waste level in the blood increases due to which RBC level goes down. So, the patient feels weakness and fatigue because of lack of energy in the body.

Swelling Of feet, face and ankles

The damaged kidneys can’t remove all the unwanted fluids from the body due to which the fluids accumulate in the tissues of the body which leads to swelling of feet, ankles and face.


Itching in various parts of the body is caused due to increase in the level of waste products in the body. It can’t be cured by normal itching related medicines. Proper treatment of the disease and reduction in the level of wastes helps in improving the condition.

Shortness Of Breath

The accumulation of waste in the lungs due to improper functioning of the kidney hampers the working of the lungs due to which patient can’t breath properly. This symptom can easily be confused to be related to lung disease so proper diagnosis is very important.

Other Kidney Problem Symptoms are:

  • Pain in lower back of the body
  • Fever
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Pale Skin
  • Abnormal Heart Beat
  • Drowsy and unable to concentrate

Kidney is an important organ and proper care of kidney should be taken so that the body can function properly. You can reduce risk of kidney diseases by drinking sufficient amount of water regularly. If you notice Kidney Problem Symptoms, consult a nephrologist as soon as  possible. Mostly, the diseases are diagnosed at later stages when major kidney function are lost. At that time Kidney replacement surgery is the only option so it is better to take preventing steps like proper dieting, regular exercise and regular check up of the important organs of the body.

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