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Leukemia Symptoms In Children

Leukemia Symptoms In Children

Leukemia is the disease which refers to the cancer of white blood cells due to which the level of white blood cells increases in the body. The immature WBC accumulates in the bone marrow due to this the production of RBC and platelets decreases. This imbalance results in Leukemia symptoms in children. RBC is responsible for carrying oxygen in the blood, WBC fights infections while platelets help in blood clot but due to leukemia neither of the functions are done properly and many symptoms show up in the body of the affected child.

Leukemia is generally caused due to genetic disorder and also if your immune system is weak then the cancers cells can spread more easily. Major Leukemia Symptoms in children are:

Leukemia Symptoms in Children:


Due to lack of RBC there is shortage of oxygen in the blood due to which the body parts do not get enough energy as a result of this child may feel tired and weak. He may not be very active and would usually avoid playing or any physical activity.


If child gets cut or bruised then the affected area may not heal and blood will flow out continuously. Platelets are responsible for blood clot but due to lack of platelets in the blood our system is unable to clot the blood.

Joint Pain:

Main children complain of severe bone pain which is mainly caused due to accumulation of leukemia cells in the joints and near the surface of the body.

Swollen Lymph Nodes:

When leukemia spreads to the lymph nodes then nodes present in the groins, neck and underarms may swell up. You can feel it by touching it and it is generally painless.

Breathing Problem:

The enlargement of lymph nodes in the chest may cause pressure on the wind pipe. If the windpipe is pressed then due to narrowing you may have problem in breathing and suffer from cough, wheezing and shortness of breath.

Frequent Infections:

White blood cells protect the body from infection. In leukemia the number of WBC are more however, they are immature due to which they are ineffective in preventing infections due to this child’s body becomes prone to infections.

Abdominal Pain:

Children suffering from Leukemia may also suffer from nausea and pain in the chest. When the leukemia cells spreads to different organs like kidney and liver then it may cause abdominal pain. Child may suffer from severe headache and might complain of dizziness as well.

Loss of Appetite:

Due to constant pain in the abdominal area and nausea the food intake of the child drops. If your child is eating very less and his diet has gone down substantially then it might be a signal that your child is suffering from leukemia.

Leukemia can be diagnosed by having a Complete Blood Count Test (CBC). Doctors also use CT scan or do lymph node and bone marrow biopsy to check for the imbalance in the blood cells. You should be very attentive to observe Leukemia symptoms in children and should go for the diagnostic tests as soon as possible. Leukemia can be treated by having a bone marrow transplantation surgery. The platelets and RBC count can be increased by blood transfusion. Take antibiotics to treat the recurring infections. Children suffering from leukemia may require follow up care and assistance throughout their life.

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