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Lewy Body Dementia Symptoms

Lewy Body Dementia Symptoms

Lewy Body Dementia is a type of dementia which occurs as a result of abnormal deposit of proteins inside the nerve cells of the brain. Lewy Body Dementia Symptoms are similar to that of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. These deposits affect the transmission of message signals inside the brain. Every patient suffering from dementia shows different combination of symptoms.

Diagnosis of dementia is very difficult in its initial stages and it takes around two years to accurately diagnose for Lewy Body Dementia. This disease affects the part of the brain which is responsible for thinking and controlling the movement of different parts of the body. Early diagnosis of the disease is very crucial so that the person can be treated properly without much complications. Major symptoms shown by patients suffering from LBD are given below.

Lewy Body Dementia Symptoms

Loss Of Consciousness

Patient falls suddenly, faints and looses consciousness. Patients are extremely confused at times. They will suffer from rapid changes in alertness and confusion. They can’t concentrate on any activity. Patient stares into space continuously. This is one of the initial Lewy Body Dementia Symptom.

Visual Hallucination

Patients experiences visual hallucination at times. It can be any kind of fantasy. Patients often see children, animals, colors or people who do not exist.

Uncontrolled Movement

The disease affects the part of the brain which controls the movement of the body, you may not be able to walk properly or pick up anything and can’t even write. The body may tremor and you may feel rigid muscles.

Problem In Sleeping

Unable to sleep during night causing lack of sleep causes the person to physically act out the dreams while he is unconscious. The patient sleeps during the day but can’t sleep at night.

Sensitivity to Medication

Patients are very sensitive to neuroleptic and antiematic medications which can become very serious at times. This can also lead to muscle rigidity and problem in movement.

Other symptoms include dizziness, unable to speak and low volume of speech, difficulty in swallowing and double vision and blank expressions.

The risk factors are of Lewy Body Dementia are not yet discovered however, if a family member is suffering from Dementia then the risk increases. The research of the disease is in its initial stages so presently we do not have any cure of the disease. Many medicines are available  which controls the Lewy Body Dementia Symptoms. Various drugs like cholinesterase inhibitors are available which decreases hallucinations and also increases the alertness of the patient. Due to high sensitivity to medication it is very important that medicines are given in right quantity according to the intensity of the symptoms of patient otherwise it may harm the patient.

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