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7 Lowest Carb Beer List Which You’ll Love

Lowest Carb Beer

If you are beer crazy person then there are innumerable choices for you in the market. With the increase in health consciousness many people want to know which the lowest carb beer is, because like any other alcohol beer contains carbohydrates and excess calories. Many regular drinkers gain weight due to increase in beer fat in the body. But with the introduction of Low Carb Beer in the market this problem has been resolved and it is a great relief for beer fans. A low carb Beer should contain less then 7 gm carbohydrates in each bottle. The lowest Carb Beer in the market is Green Trailblazer which contains only 0.5 gm carbohydrate. There are several other beers which are very close to the lowest carb beer in terms of carbohydrate content. Major Low carb beer brands are listed below.

Lowest Carb Beer List:

Green Trailblazer:

It leads the list of Low Carb Beers with only 0.5 gm carbohydrate. This is made by a UK based company. It is free of any kind of allergic foods like Soya beans and Lactose and it also does not contain wheat, sulphur dioxide and Mustard. Trailblazer is a highly recommended beer for beer fans suffering from obesity.

Budweiser Select 55:

Budweiser is a renowned brand in the beer industry. It is a golden colored drink with a very crisp and sharp taste and distinguishable smell which you will love to drink. It is brewed with Caramel malts and hops.  Every bottle of Budweiser contains 1.9 gm crab.

Pony Express Original Wheat:

This beer is brewed where it is grown. American type wheat with a taste of the German flavor, the beer uses the highest quality wheat available in the market to produce the “Original”. It has 3.3 carb and 145 calories in one bottle.

DAB Low Carb Beer:

It is made of hops, yeast, barley malt and water which gives it a very mild taste. It is a golden bottle fermented Lager Beer which contains only 2 gm carb and 92 calories in each bottle.

MGD 64:

It is one of the latest additions to the lowest carb beer group. It has a very soothing taste and very healthy and helps you avoid excess carbs and calories. It contains only 2.4gm carb and 64 calories.

Michelob Ultra:

This beer was created in the year 2002 but with increasing popularity of the beer, the Company introduced Amber version with only 3.2 gm carb and it is also available in different flavors like Pomegranate, Lime and Raspberry with 5.6 gm carb. The original beer contains only 2.6 gm carb in each bottle.

Bootie 95:

This beer has a very fresh and distinctive taste and goes very well for beach and reunion parties. It is made by a US based company and has only 2.6 carb and 96 calories.

Choose the right option and switch to Low Carb Beer. These are not harmful and do not  cause weight gain. Now you are aware of the Lowest Carb Beer so try it once. You will surely like it because you won’t have to bargain with the taste of beer for added health benefits. Drink only 2 bottles a day, it is a safe quantity for regular drinkers.

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