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Major Depressive Disorder Symptoms

Major Depressive Disorder Symptoms


Depression has become a common problem nowadays, affecting almost every age group. It is a condition when a person feels low and sad for long duration of time, may be for several years thus affecting his social and professional life. Major depressive disorder symptoms have tremendous affects on our lifestyle and general behavior. Depression may be caused due any major trauma, either physical or emotional in a person’s life or any setback in the professional field.

Hormonal changes and genetics too are responsible for depression.  Almost 30% of women are suffering from depression which is much more in comparison to men which can be explained from the fact that there are major hormonal changes in women. One of the major problem in case of depression is people tend to neglect the symptoms and about 80% of them do not take any professional help for it and around 15% of them commit suicide due to lack of attention and proper treatment. Major depressive disorder symptoms which you should never ignore are listed below

Major Depressive Disorder Symptoms:

Feeling Of Worthlessness:

If you are feeling that you are good for nothing, can’t accomplish anything in your life and no one cares about you then it is possible that you are suffering from depression. These feelings builds up the depression with time if proper counseling and proper attention from others is not given.

Sleep Disruption:

People suffering from depression have problem sleeping at night,a condition known as insomnia because they are surrounded by lot of tension and worries. Due to this they may sleep during the day. Few people tend to sleep more than usual because of feeling of isolation and loneliness.

Change in Appetite:

Due to depression people do not feel like eating and this loss of appetite may cause weight loss in the long run. You may not take proper meal instead may eat unhealthy fast foods. In some cases of depression person starts eating more then required which leads to weight gain.


Weakness is caused due to many factors like lack of proper sleep, stress and loss of appetite. As a result of lack of nutrients body does not get enough energy and you will feel weakness. Due to lack of sleep at night you may feel sleepy and tired throughout the day.


When you are depressed you do not like anything, nothing interest you much and you can get easily irritated due to small reasons. People get frustrated from their life and their surroundings and frequently find themselves in middle of arguments and fights.


Inefficiency in doing a job due to lack of concentration and indecisiveness can become a major problem in a person’s life. You won’t be able to react to any situation and have difficulty in taking decisions. Person becomes dependent on others to take the major decisions due to lack of confidence.

Suicidal Tendency:

If the depression becomes a major problem then you may have a suicidal tendency. People generally decide to suicide when they get frustrated due to constant stress and tension and think the only solution left is to suicide.

You should be attentive in noticing the various changes in your life because of the major depressive disorder symptoms and consult a psychologist as soon as possible. Avoiding the initial symptoms may lead to suicidal tendency. Periodic counseling sessions and taking antidepressants can improve the condition.  About 90% people who go for counseling and take help of medications are fully treated within few years. Proper support and motivation from others is very helpful for a person suffering from depression.

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