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Male Breast Cancer Symptoms

Male Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast cancer in men is very rare in comparison to women, Only 1 out of 100 cases of breasts cancer is found in men. Male breast cancer symptoms are almost similar to those in women. Male have a small amount of breast tissue so the chances of cancer in these tissues is also very less and also men produce less amount of estrogen which are known to affect breast cancer.

Cancer generally affects the ducts present in the breast which may spread to the nipples at later stages. The period between the first symptom and the diagnosis of breast cancer is generally longer in men because they tend to avoid the symptoms and do not report it to the doctor as they believe that they can’t have breast cancer.

The major cause of breast cancer is unknown however, those who have a higher level of estrogen, suffer from liver disease causing hormonal imbalance, exposed to radiations during therapies or are overweight are at higher risk of suffering from the cancer. You are at higher risk if you have a family history of breast cancer and symptoms mostly appear after 65 years. Major symptoms are listed below

Male Breast Cancer Symptoms


Lumps in breast are the first male breast cancer symptoms. It generally doesn’t pain and you can feel it with your hands. This is caused due to thickening of the breast tissues. You may also notice lumps under your armpits which are caused due to enlargement of lymph nodes.

Discharge From Nipple

Men who are having breast cancer may notice discharge from the nipples.  The discharge is generally clear or opaque but you may also notice blood in the discharge.

Changes In Appearance Of Nipple

Breast cancer may cause the nipple to turn inward. Other changes which you may notice in the nipple are scaling and redness of the nipple. Breast cancer generally affects the left breast and it rarely affects both  the breast so if you notice difference in appearance of the two nipples then you may have breast cancer.

Skin Changes

The skin can pucker or dimple and the skin may turn red. Breast cancer can also lead to scaling of the skin on the breast. You must consult your doctor immediately if you notice any kind of skin changes.


The person may complain of intense pain the breast due to the cancer. You may also suffer from shortness of breath, weight loss, abdominal swelling or headache when the cancer spreads to other parts in the advanced stages.

Breast cancer is diagnosed in men in the same way as it is done in women that is by reviewing the male breast cancer symptoms, mammography and biopsy which is used to check for cancer cells in a sample tissue. Treatment of breast cancer is done with the help of surgery in which the cancerous cells are removed from the body. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy help in killing the cancerous cells and stopping them from multiplying.

Hormonal treatment is more effective in case of men than in woman. If the diagnosis is delayed then the complications may increase so it is important that you immediately visit your doctor when you notice the first symptoms of breast cancer.

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