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Migraine Home Remedies

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Migraine is one of the most common type of headache. Migraine headache is caused due to the contraction of the blood vessels of the brain causing severe pain. In most cases along with headache person also suffers from facial flushing, dizziness and nausea. Women are more prone to migraine because of the changing hormonal levels especially during period and pregnancy.

Other reasons of migraine are stress, nutritional deficiency, blood pressure, caffeine and birth control pills. You are at higher risk of suffering from migraine if any of your family member is having migraine. There are many anti migraine medications available in the market but they have their own side effects and only treats the symptoms, it may not work for you in long term.

It is better to opt for migraine home remedies as they have no side effects and helps in curing the root cause of the migraine. Below are a few easy to do and effective home remedies.

Migraine Home Remedies

Remedy 1: Rosemary

Add rosemary in a bowl of boiling water. Now lean over the bowl and inhale the steam, cover your head with a towel for best results. Continue this for 10 minutes for instant relief. You can also inhale aromas of peppermint, sandalwood and lavender.

Remedy 2: Vegetable Juices

A major cause of migraine is nutritional deficiency so consuming a lot of vegetable and fruit juices can help in relieving from migraine. Simply make a juice of a few vegetables and fruits like carrot, beet, grape, cucumber and spinach and drink it.

Remedy 3: Cabbage

Crush few fresh leaves of cabbage and place them in a cloth. Then put it on your forehead and keep it until you get some relief. Change the cabbage leaves when they dry up.

Remedy 4: Mustard Seeds Powder

Add ½ teaspoon of mustard seed powder in three teaspoon of water. Now put the solution in your nostril or just inhale the solution for few minutes.

Remedy 5: Cinnamon

Make a fine paste of cinnamon with water and then apply it on your forehead. It is one of the most effective migraine home remedies and works best if the migraine is caused as a result of exposure to cold air.

Remedy 6: Lemon Crusts

Make a fine paste of the lemon crusts and apply the paste on your forehead. This is one of the easiest migraine home remedies.

Remedy 7: Massage

Massaging the forehead is one of the most effective ways to get relief from migraine. You can use any massage oil and massage your forehead for around 20 minutes. It not only reduces the pain but also gives a feeling of freshness.

Remedy 8: Garlic

Garlic is one of the most powerful herbal detoxifier and is one of the best remedy for migraine headache. You can either take few garlic directly or use it as an ingredient in your foods.

Remedy 9: Meditation

Meditation helps in releasing the stress and thus providing relief from migraine. Those who frequently suffer from migraine should practice meditation regularly as it reduces the chances of recurrence of migraine.

If you are suffering from migraine then you should avoid spicy foods, alcohol and smoking. Try to get rest for a few hours. Sleeping relaxes the muscles, provides much needed rest to the brain and reduces the stress level. In most cases migraine home remedies provides instant relief but if you are not getting favorable results and the pain continues for days then you should consult your doctor.

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