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Mini Stroke Symptoms For Men

Mini Stroke Symptoms For Men

Brain is the most important part of our body as it controls all the movements and sensory parts of our system. It is the control system of the body so it requires regular supply of blood and oxygen for proper functioning. Mini Stroke Symptoms for Men is caused if brain is not getting sufficient oxygen and blood. Blockage in the blood vessels as a result of accumulation of cholesterol or blood clot or if any weak blood vessel bursts are the major causes of stroke.

The risk of mini stroke are high if you are suffering from stress or your relatives had a stroke in the past and if you are overweight which shows high cholesterol level in your body. The risk is more in older men and also in heart patients because blood is not properly pumped to the brain. The symptoms of mini Stroke as the name suggest lasts for only 2 minutes to a maximum of 24 hours. After that you won’t notice any of the symptoms in the person. Major symptoms of mini strokes are listed below:

Mini Stroke Symptoms For Men

Vision Defects

If supply of blood in the part of brain controlling our vision is blocked then we may not see things clearly. It may lead to total darkness or double vision. You will feel burden on your eyes if you try to focus on something.


Feeling of numbness and weakness especially only in one side of the body is a characteristic Mini Stroke Symptom for Men. If the blood flow in the left part of the brain is blocked then you will feel numbness in the right part of your body. You won’t be able to move your arms due to which you may face difficulty in picking up objects.

Problem In Speaking

A major symptom of stroke, the person is unable to speak properly he will stutter while speaking and can’t communicate properly. Along with speaking problem other sensory parts too may not function properly which includes problem in hearing, no taste recognition and may not smell properly.

Severe Headache

You may have a severe headache which you may not have experienced before. It is not like usual headaches. This is caused due to accumulation of blood in the different parts of the brain.


Dizziness is caused due to lack of supply of blood to the part of the brain which controls balance of the body. The person is unable to maintain his balance while walking.


Lack of flow of blood and oxygen in the brain impairs our thinking power and ability to focus. You won’t be able to take decisions. Along with this transient loss of memory has also been observed.

Complete treatment and prevention of mini stroke is possible by making proper changes in our lifestyle. Mini Stroke Symptoms For Men are a warning signal of more severe health complications so you should start making changes in your habits and take professional help once you have a mini stroke. Blood clot dissolving drugs are very useful in treating the strokes in men. In some cases surgery can be done to remove the blood clot.  Healthy low cholesterol diet, regular exercise and avoiding smoking and drinking can effectively decrease the chances of stroke.

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