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Mood Swing In Men Causes and Treatment

Mood Swing In Men

Men are always thought to be the tough ones and emotionally strong people, however that is not the case they too have emotions ups and downs and can get upset. Mood Swing In Men is generally caused due to the same reason as in women that is hormonal imbalance in the body. It is a normal phenomenon which occurs due to aging. It should not be confused to depression because depression is caused due to external factors like trauma, loss of member of family or financial losses but mood swing is caused due to the changes inside the body.

Mood Swing In Men


It occurs among men in the age group of 30-60 years when the testosterone level starts decreasing, the condition is called as Andropause. Moreover the high level of stress hormone cortisol increases the likelihood of mood swings.  Irritability is also caused due to increase in estrogen level with aging mainly in obese men because the fats convert testosterone to estrogen. Diabetes too is a major factor of Mood Swing In Men because change in sugar level in the blood can cause mood fluctuation. Lung and cardiovascular diseases cause lack of oxygen in the brain which can trigger Mood Swing In Men


Anger and Irritability:

You will tend to get very angry and irritated due to even minor reasons. One moment you will feel good but the very next moment you can get irritated if something is upsetting you and react to the situation in a very awkward way.

Poor Sleeping Habits:

Men are not able to sleep at night due to mood swings. If you are not having mental peace you can not relax, you will worry about one thing or the other. On the other hand few men tend to sleep more so that they can avoid mood swings.

Lack of Patience:

With aging men become very impatient. They can not tolerate any kind of delay and can get quickly irritated if any task is not completed and can be easily provoked.

Blaming Others:

Men have a tendency of not seeing anything wrong in them. They will tend to blame others for their mood swings even if it is their mistake. They try to act strong even if emotional turbulence is going on inside their mind.


Men can get very aggressive at times and get violent if provoked by someone. This is triggered due to the hormonal imbalance in the body due to which they they have frequent conflicts with others even on small issues.

Other major symptoms include

  • Lack of interest in hobbies
  • Uncaring nature
  • Sadness
  • Sarcastic


Treating mood swing in men is very easy once the underlying cause is identified. If you are observing frequent mood swing then you must go for a hormonal test. Once the imbalance in testosterone is identified it can be corrected by testosterone therapy or hormone replacement therapy. You can also take help of antidepressant. Proper nutrition and medication can help control the mood swings and calm you down.

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