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Magnetic Resonance Imaging – MRI With Contrast

MRI With Contrast

If anyone ever have had an MRI(magnetic resonance imaging) or MRA(magnetic resonance angiography) with contrast, which means that the person’s body has injected by some kind of dye or chemical which enables the doctor to see the patient’s internal tissues, bones and organs then the person is risked with fatal diseases that can be incurable. The kidney patients may suffer from NSF(Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis) who  had with contrast earlier.

In Denver a person suffering from kidney disease was injected by with contrast dye containing Gadolinium,rare type of metal.A few days after her MRI,she was hospitalized and diagnosed with NSF and found herself on a wheelchair as published by an article at disease patients are at more risk since with contrast dye explled through the kidney which in turn have to be withstand.If the kidney are not working properly then the poison remains inside the body which creates aolot of harm to the body.

The Government shoulkd issue health advisory warnings on all MRI with contrast also known as contrast agents or contrast mediums one of which is the US Government’s FDA(Food and drug administration).

Initial symptoms of the disease weakness in muscle,high blood pressure and thick hardened rough skin. The victim may suffer pain,and itching in the affected areas. If somebody having kidney disease and experiences skin reaction turn out to be severe.

For ten years researchers have been working hard to search for the potentially harm which has been observed in many kidney patients known as NSF(Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis)which results in severe skin problem. It has been recently found out that the use of a rare metal Gadolium based agents that are used in MRA(Magnetic Resonance Angiography) and MRI(Magnetic Resonance Imaging)responsible for fatal condition are the only cause of such type fatal condition to those who suffer kidney disease.

The procedure which was once through to be a safe procedure has result in many devastating outcome and injuries .The contrast agent  containing paramagnetic Gadolinium is injected inside the patient’s body which may cause no harm to the non-kidney disease patient buy for those who suffer kidney diseases cannot digest the poison and hence turns out to be very harmful.

The earlier reports of the skin problems of people suffering from kidney diseases was encountered in the year 1997 and was debated in the medical literature in 2000. Earlier it was thought to only affect skin hence was called Nephrogenic Fibrosing Dermopathy(NFD). As it also affects internal organs so it was renamed or referred as NSF (nephrogenic systemic fibrosis).

NFD/NFS has been identified only in those who have kidney diseases or unhealthy kidney or had undergone kidney transplantation and to almost all the people that have diagnosed an MRI with contrast agents within few months. Early signs could be:burning, itchingof skin,red or dark patches,muscle weakness etc.

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