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Natural Homemade Methods Of Abortion

Methods Of Abortion

Abortion is the most common surgical procedure performed for women. Abortion can be done both medically and surgically and should be done as soon as possible. The more you delay, more are the chances of complications in future. It has both immediate and long term effects on the person. If you have decided to have an abortion then knowing the various methods of abortion can help you decide which one suits you the best.

The method of operation mainly depends on the stage of pregnancy. Currently there are 50 million abortions every year and the stats are increasing every year. In many places illegal abortions are done by unskilled persons which can be very dangerous. Many women go for at home abortion due to lack of facilities or other reasons. In later stages only surgical method can be used for abortion. Few methods of abortion are mentioned below

Methods Of Abortion

Vacuum Aspiration

This method only works if the pregnancy has been detected at an early stage, within two months. In this method a hand held syringe is used to create suction. You can also use a pump to create vacuum and suck the tissue out, before doing that cervix should be dilated. The procedure is completed within few minutes and has a high rate of success.

Intact Dilation And Contraction

It is a last term abortion procedure. It is mostly done after 21 weeks of pregnancy. In this method the entire fetus is extracted. It is one of the most controversial procedures of method.


This is similar to the suction, in this procedure a curette, loop shaped steel knife is inserted up into the uterus. The placenta and baby is cut into pieces and then it is taken out.

Salt Poisoning

In procedure is done in the first 3 months of pregnancy. A strong salt solution is directly injected into the amniotic. The baby swallows and breathes it and in most cases the baby dies within 1 hour.

Abortion Pill

Abortion pills are widely used to get rid of unwanted pregnancy. One of the most famous pills is mifeprex. It is safe to use it within 7 weeks of abortion.

Vitamin C

It is one of the most common home abortion methods. An overdose of vitamin C for a few days can be very effective in abortion. Ascorbic acid present in vitamin C is responsible for the abortion.

Caesarean Section

This is generally done in the last three months of pregnancy. It is similar to caesarean delivery except for the fact that umbilical cord is cut while the baby is still in the womb. As a result the baby suffocates and dies due to lack of oxygen.

These were a few widely used methods of abortion. Consult a specialist before choosing any of the procedures and you should go to a experienced specialist as a simple error can cause life time complications. Avoid using home techniques for abortion as it is very unsafe and can be unsuccessful. The stage of pregnancy plays a important role in deciding the method of pregnancy so take it into account while going for pregnancy.

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