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Common Neck Arthritis Symptoms

Neck Arthritis Symptoms

Neck Arthritis is caused due to degenerative changes in the intervertebral disks of the neck. Neck Arthritis Symptoms are generally observed after the age of forty. It is more common in people who have suffered from neck injury. The vertebrae in the neck begins to degenerate along with the disks of shock absorbing cartilage. This leads to narrowing in the vertebra which compresses the nerves in the neck. This leads to intense pain in the neck. It affects men more than woman .Increased Calcium and bony growths increases the chances of neck arthritis.

You should never ignore the Neck Arthritis Symptoms and take it lightly. Proper medical aid should be taken before the condition worsens and the pain becomes unbearable.

Common Neck Arthritis Symptoms

Stiff neck:

You must have observed that elderly person feel excruciating pain when they try to look sideways. This is one of the initial  Neck Arthritis Symptoms which limits the movement of neck and causes immense pain.

Weakness In The Arms:

The patient feels weakness in the arms although it is away from neck. this leads to clumsiness The person is unable to handle objects and often feels pain in the arms.

Numbness In the Fingers:

Due to pressure on the nerve, the patients faces the problem of numbness in the fingers and hands. The patient can not feel any sensation in the hand and it becomes difficult for him to handle intricate things like laptops.

Frequent Urination:

The patients find it difficult to control the urge of urination. They urinate frequently and in worse conditions they cannot control the bladder and urinate rightaway. This is a very common symptom among the elderly patients.


Headache may also be a symptom of Neck Arthritis. It is observed that the headache due to Neck Arthritis  generally occurs in the back side of the head. It can lead to dizziness and the patient is unable to balance his body.

Trouble In Walking:

Immense pain and numbness in the legs and feet makes it difficult to walk. The pain increases when you attempt to walk. It can also lead to imbalance of the body.

Neck Arthritis Symptoms can be very painful for the aged patients.  Proper body posture and gentle neck exercises can help to minimize the effect of Arthritis. Physiotherapy can assist  in reducing the pain. When the condition becomes serious Surgery is the only option left so it is better to start taking help of different therapies and treatments along with proper medication as soon as it is diagnosed. Using a neck collar helps in reducing the pain in neck .Proper attention and support should be provided to the elder patients. Education plays an important role in arthritis management.

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