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Negative Pregnancy Test No Period

Negative Pregnancy Test No Period

The first thing which comes to mind if you missed a period is that you are pregnant and the most obvious step is to have a pregnancy test. But when a person gets a negative pregnancy test no period then it is obvious to get tensed. There are several explanations to this occurrence. There are also chances that you have done the test very early because it takes the few days for the hormones to be detected.

HCG is the hormone which the body secretes when the egg gets fertilized and in a pregnancy test the HCG levels are detected to confirm the pregnancy. You may have delayed period which is a common problem in women. Also if you are not following the procedures of the test correctly then it may not show the accurate results. There are many causes which have nothing to do with pregnancy few of which are listed below.

Causes Of No Period

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic ovarian syndrome may lead to irregular periods or even no period. The hormonal levels particularly estrogen and androgen are abnormal in women having this syndrome causing delay in periods.


Studies show that women who take contraceptives regularly have delayed periods and the menstrual cycle is not regular because the birth control pills changes the hormonal level.


Another common cause of no period is emotional stress. The mental state of a person also affects the hormonal levels in the body. If you are overworking or in a stressful condition then delayed period is normal, there is no reason to panic.

Early Menopause

If you are in your late 30s or early 40s and your periods have stopped then there are high chances that you had an early menopause. It is recommended to consult your doctor if you think you had premature menopause.

Irregular Cycle

Most of the women have irregular cycle and it is not possible to know the exact date of next periods. It may get delayed or start much earlier depending on several conditions.

Change In Weight

It is observed that when women loose weight either due to dieting or any disease then they do not have periods when expected. The hormonal functions of the body gets disturbed due to rapid change in weight.

Negative pregnancy test no period is a very common and in most cases there is nothing to get worry. If you are expecting a pregnancy then always verify the results by repeating the test and if you notice other symptoms of pregnancy then get your checked in a hospital. Once assured you are not pregnant, try to know the main cause of no periods. Even exercise and medications can delay periods. Instead of panicking better wait and watch.

Take medical help if period has stopped completely. Treatment should start immediately if any disease is diagnosed. Have a balanced diet to avoid rapid weight change and reduce stress by practicing yoga or meditating regularly.

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